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New Cooldown Ping Added to League of Legends

Though it’s kind of sad that League of Legends has no voice chat which will give you better team communication still, the developer are looking ways to improve the game. That being said, Riot Games has added a new ping to the game to give players better ways to communicate with others.

The dev has added cooldown pings to the game. These pings will literally tell you how much time before your ultimate will be off cooldown. This will let you tell your team, on how long will it take before your ultimate will be available and, this will definitely be helpful to a team especially if you are controlling a support or a hero that gives global buff to your team. Aside from that, this new ping can also tell whether you have enough mana to cast your ultimate or not.

But that’s not all. By pressing alt + click (that’s how you activate the new ping), you can also tell your team on how long before the Cloud Drake in the game revive. Also, this ping can give you the ability to tell your teammate about your current HP. This will be very helpful in terms of clashes and retreats. 

Lastly, the new ping can also tell you the cooldown of the abilities on your items. You can tell your team on the exact timing when you can use the ability of your item by simply pressing alt + click. However, this ping only works on some items for the time being. 

Credits: Special thanks to Brofresco for the video guide on using this new cooldown ping.