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Meet the First Trainer that Caught the Mythical Mew in Pokémon: Go [Update]

Update: So it looks like this is a fake! Shame on me for reporting this. :( Sorry guys. This won't happen again.

I've contacted the Selby guy earlier but until now, he had not return any comments regarding this. So I have done some digging and it turns out that Legendary/Mythical Pokemon might debut on public events only.

But I need clarify this first. I emailed Niantic concerning this matter and I hope to get a reply from them soon. I'll keep you posted guys.

Again. Sorry for the wrong info guys. :(

A teenager from California was playing Pokémon GO Tuesday evening when the Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon Mew suddenly appeared before him.

The 19-year-old Corey Selby from Nuevo, a small rural town located in southern California said that it was late at night, around 11:30 p.m when Mew actually showed up in his room! He used his last Incense and it took five or six Great Balls before he caught the mythical Pokémon.

Selby started playing Pokémon GO when it released into the wild last week. “I play when I have free time, before and after work, and sometimes on my days off.” Selby is currently a level 13 Trainer and proudly represents Pokémon GO’s blue-colored alliance, Team Mystic.

Pokémon GO, while completely free to play, offers in-app purchases for items and upgrades, but Selby hasn’t bitten yet. “I have not spent any money on the game, and I’m trying not to,” he said. “I figured out that you can get free PokéCoins by placing your Pokémon inside the Gyms. I’ll keep doing that for the time being.”

In addition to his new catch, Selby says he doesn’t have too many other rare Pokémon. “That’s why I was especially surprised to see Mew show up!”

Selby “loves how Pokémon GO gets you outside to meet new people, but hates all the bugs.” He’s looking forward to more software updates and multiplayer options for trading and battling with friends. He and his brother have been playing Pokémon since the Game Boy days.

Selby provided a batch of screenshots from his exciting experience. Check some of it below.