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How to Force Evolve Your Eevee into Your Choice in Pokemon: Go [Update]

So you got an Eevee and now you want to evolve it to a Jolteon but it ends up evolving to a Vaporeon. Then you got another Eevee and tried evolving it again but now, it turns out to be a Flareon. And now, you are disappointed and don’t want to see another Eevee again (LOL). Don’t be, as I have a neat trick to tell you will give you 100% chance of turning your Eevee into your choice.

See the image below:

If you get the point, then I think you should start evolving your Eevee now. If you don’t get it however, then let me tell you how.

I don’t know if this was intended, but it seems that when you rename your Eevee to certain names, they will turn out to be the exact Pokemon you want. Specifically, if you name you Eevee to one of the Eevee Brothers (from the original anime), then you will get the Pokemon that they have in the anime.

So basically if you name your Eevee as:
  • Sparky- it will evolve as Jolteon
  • Rainer- it will evolve as Vaporeon
  • Pyro- it will evolve as Flareon
Simple as that!

Now for some proof that this works:

Bonus tip: With all of the server issues we constantly deal with, it is recommended to name your Eevee with your intended evolution name, then close and restart the app to confirm the name went through on the servers. Some users reporting it didn't work and we believe this may be the reason why.

Now I wonder if this trick is applicable on other Pokemon? :) Worth a try.

Update: For those who still doesn't believe that this trick works, then here's a couple of screenshots:

Update 2: Here's another video (credit to PrestonPlayz) that actually shows you the three evolution:
Credits: Special thanks to skinzfan602 for the video proof.