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Buffed or Nerfed: Which Will Be Zenyatta's Fate in the Future

Right over battle.net forums, director Jeff Kaplan is talking something about re-balancing the Overwatch hero Zenyatta.

In the forum, he said that the team have been talking about Zenyatta and how to re-balance the hero. Right now, there's no hint of when will they release a change to Zenyatta as they are still evaluating the results of the McCree and Widowmaker re-balanced they have made last month. However, Kaplan did mention that they are exploring some options right now on how to re-balance the hero.

The question now is, will Blizzard buff or nerfed Zenyatta? Most would say that it will be another nerfing but, I think Zenyatta will get buffed. The fact is, Zenyatta is the second least played character according to Overwatch statistics. I don't know why but some players find him hard to control and, other criticized him as a weak hero. Now if you asked me, I think Zenyatta is great when you know when and how to support but, I think he really needs a buffed in terms of his abilities and some survivability when going solo will also help a lot.

That said, his winrate is over 50%, and I just wonder on how can Blizzard make him more appealing to players, without changing his damage/healing model. Also, I think the orbs must go away. This is just my opinion though. But those orbs got to go away as I think it's the least inspiring weapon amid of Overwatch's arsenal.

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