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What Players Can Expect From Demon Hunters in World of Warcraft: Legion

It's been a long time coming since Blizzard had released a new class for World of Warcraft: Death Knights in the Wrath of the Lich King and Monks in The Mists of Pandaria. Now, we will be getting the third class with the release of World of Warcraft: Legion in August 30th called the Demon Hunter. So the question now is, what can players expect from a Demon Hunter?

So as a Demon Hunter in the World of Warcraft: Legion, you will be kicking off your adventure at a unique starting zone only accessible by the Demon Hunter. You will start in Mardum at level 98 as a member of Illidan Stormrage's elite army known as the Illidari.

You'll then transform into a demonic being with horns once you consumed the demon heart and then, you will gain tremendous amount of demonic powers to fight demons and stop them from taking over the Legion world Mardum. At level 100, you will then venture outside of the starting zone- only to be captured and imprisoned again. You are considered as a threat now for having such demonic powers but, when the time The Burning Legion attacks Azeroth again, you will be released from your chamber and will aid the people who once imprisoned you to defeat the Burning Legion (a typical Illidan story eh? :D).

Demon Hunters can choose to be a Havoc (Damage dealers) or Vengeance (Tanks). You will use Fury to boost your attacks and you will wear cloth or leather as your armor. As a melee class, you can wield either warglaives, daggers, fist weapons or one-handed axes, maces and swords. Demon Hunters rely on their swiftness and agility and this class can easily be recommended even for newbies. It doesn't require any advance skills of playing to master and you can definitely get good with a Demon Hunter in no time. Also, you'll be given a class-exclusive mount when you play as a DH (It's a cat-like creature and I hope you like cats).

Like all Demon Hunters, your character will be blind in order to gain Spectral Sight. So expect that you will wear blindfolds the rest of your WoW gaming life when you choose to be a DH. But as many DH, you get to have this wicked tattoos that increases your arcane power and also, your character can sprout wings by tapping the spacebar twice when you're jumping or falling. Pretty cool right? However, that's not the coolest part of being a DH. The coolest is that you can transform into a full demon, which allows you to throw more powerful attacks specific to your specialisation.

All in all, Demon Hunters seem to have been made with fans in mind, incorporating aspects that have been proven popular in the past when Warlocks dipped into demonic resources. Their attacks are as imposing as their looks - as a melee class, you'll face enemies up close and personal with a plethora of nicely animated abilities that will surely make victory feel a lot sweeter.

When Blizzard does introduce a new class, they certainly deliver: Demon Hunters feel like a unique, well-rounded class who seamlessly fit in with the already existing classes.

Only Blood Elves (Horde) and Night Elves (Alliance) can become Demon Hunters. When creating a Demon Hunter, players can pick from a range of skin colours, horns, and tattoos in an attempt to create a unique character. However, even after fairly recent character upgrades, customisation in World of Warcraft still feels limited, especially compared to its rivals such as Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2 (where you can modify everything from body-shape to even the smallest facial details). Luckily, Transmorgify 2.0 is introduced in Legion, giving players a lot more options to customise the armour of their characters with a wardrobe UI system similar to Blizzard's other major fantasy title, Diablo III.

Apart from adding a brand new class, the twelve existing classes will see several changes as well. Some attacks should get upgraded, whilst others may be removed entirely, most notably the Hunter class who will have each specialisation majorly altered. Similarly, Warlocks will see huge changes in their Demonology specialisation: as morphing into a demon is now given exclusively to Demon Hunters, it will no longer be available to Demonologists.

If you want to see a Demon Hunter in live action, then go check out the video below by youtube user TradeChat:

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