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What Happens When The Scourge Faces the White Walkers

I can say that the Night King is really the real deal. He is the king of the undead! He is the most fearsome King that can lead a terrifying horde of undead army. With Night King leading hundreds and thousands of undead in varying shapes and forms, I can say that he and his White Walkers are the most intimidating undead army that have ever been created in all fantasy stories. Wait? What’s this guy below doing on my page? Oh sh** It’s The Lich King! I’m so f**ckin’ dead!
The Lich King begs to differ on the claim to the most intimidating undead army ever created. That is his throne and no one can ever claim to be ruler of the Undead except him. In fact, if you will make the White Walkers and the Scourge to fight against each other clearly, the Scourge will dominate in the fight. Well, the fight would somehow be endless as both of them can raise fallen comrades but in the end, the Scourge will make the White Walkers cry like lil’ babies. Oh right! They’re dead so there’s no point in crying. LOL!

So why would the Scourge win? Let’s take a look at both undeads first.

The White Walkers
They are powerful forces who walks the earth for thousands of years and able to command a massive army of undead. They are born from powerful and dangerous magic to protect the Children of the Forest from the First Men. However, they have broken free from the Children’s control and just waiting for their chance to strike against all living. 

In Game of Thrones, they eventually struck out from the Far North against the people of Westeros – killing everyone who stands in their path and making them a part of their undead army. It took the combined might of everyone in Westeros to push them back and construct the Wall from the show to keep them at bay, which has kept them locked away for now.

White Walkers are extremely dangerous in hand to hand combat, with magical powers and weapons related to frost magic. They can freeze anything they touch, they also have superhuman strength and they wield weapons made from ice that could shatter normal weapons in contact. But the most powerful ability they have is the reanimation skill which can raise the dead as their servants. They are called Wights and the only way to stop these undead is to destroy them by fire or break them apart.

There’s no question that the White Walkers and their army of undead are one of the most dangerous threats to Westeros in the world of Game of Thrones. Truly, these creatures are a force to be reckon with but, can they match the power of The Lich King and the Scourge?

The Scourge
The Scourge is a massive undead empire led by the Lich King. They are solely created by the Lich King to bring death to Azeroth and weaken the world so that in time The Burning legion invades it, there would be less resistance and the world will be much easier to conquer. For the Lich King to create such massive army, he unleashed a curse known as the Plage of the Undeath across the entire continent of Northrend which killed every living thing in the realm, allowing him to raise them under his undead army.

The Lich King himself is really a powerful entity. He wields the powerful runeblade Frostmourne, which consumes the souls of its victims in order to further augment the power of the sword. Just like the White Walkers’ weapons, the Frostmourne also has the ability to shatter almost every weapon it comes into contact with, with only one legendary weapon known as the Ashbringer being able to withstand blows from it continuously. Even without the power of his runeblade, the Lich King has a wide variety of frost, blood, unholy and shadowfrost spells at his command which he can cast freely. Not to mention his ability to raise the dead and command them telepathically, augmenting them with his own powers as he sees fit.

These augmentations have led to the creation of a vast army of undead supplemented by loyal organizations that specialize in specific crafts. Take the Death Knights for example, who are melee warriors clad in plate armor raised from the dead and augmented with the Lich King’s own abilities. Utilizing their runeblades these knights can call upon the power of unholy magic to raise the dead, frost magic to cut through their enemies, and blood magic to heal them while bolstering their own strength. Specialized units like these make up a large portion of his undead army.

So who would win?

Clearly it’s a no contest. The Lich King and the Scourge will definitely end up making the Night King and his White Walkers, a part of their undead army. When the White Walkers will face the Scourge, definitely they’ll be squash to endless death. I mean, with all The Lich King’s specialized units, how can the White Walkers fair even? 

However, I would say that Night King vs Lich King will definitely be a good match but in the end, The Lich King will be victorious. If we take a look at their arsenals, the Night King only has superhuman strength, the ability to revive the dead and frost magic. While The Lich King has all the powers of the Night King plus, blood, unholy and shadowfrost magic which he can cast freely. Clearly, it’s a no contest too. But I wonder whose sword would break first? I mean both the weapon of the Night King and the Froustmourne have the ability to shatter weapons in contact. Well that would be interesting but, I’ll still be placing my bet on the Lich King.

So that’s it guys. Hope you enjoy my article made from my crazy, imaginative mind. Before I close this out, I’ll just leave you with one hilarious memes below…

What Lich King told Night King...
Update: I'ts so stupid of me to forget this fact: The Frostmourne does gives immunity to Lich King against Frost Magic. So yeah. It's totally a no contest! :D

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