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Two Easy Ways to Cure Low Platelet Count or Even Dengue

What's up, guys! Just want to share my experience with you on how my father recovers from his low platelet counts by doing one of these two simple methods. And the best part is, this method will not cost a thing!

So last month, my father had a low platelet count and was admitted to the hospital. What's the reason behind this? ALCOHOL! Yes! My father drinks a lot and by saying a lot, that means he drinks everyday. Even on a Sunday. And that's where all the problem started.

Before admitting him to the hospital, he experienced the following symptoms:
  • red, purple, or brown bruises, which are called “purpura”
  • a rash with small red or purple dots called “petechiae”
  • nosebleeds
  • bleeding gums
  • bleeding from wounds that lasts for a prolonged period or doesn’t stop on its own
  • blood in the stools
The most occurring symptom that he had was nose bleeding. At first, we thought that it was only cause by the heat but we then notice that he had those purpura on his shoulders and back and then, we decided to admit him to the hospital. 

On the first day at the hospital, he had a platelet count of 77. Well, we thought it was dengue but the doctor said that it's not and then diagnosed that my father was also anemic. He was treated with medicines that can increase the platelet count but the problem is, instead on increasing, it kept decreasing. My father got to a certain point where his platelet drop to 55 (that was on the fourth day)! And then, a close relative of ours said that she heard of a way to increase the platelet of a person. In fact, it has been tested and proven by many to be effective. She said that we should try making papaya leaves juice or much better, "tawa-tawa" tea.

Since we have a papaya tree, we then tried on making a papaya leaves juice.

How to use papaya leaf juice to increase platelet count

1) Take the papaya leaves and grind it to a paste. (Do not add water)

2) Squeeze the leaves to extract the juice

3) Mix 1 teaspoon of this juice with a small piece of jaggery

4) Avoid drinking water immediately afterward

The result was promising! From 55 the other day, my father increased his platelet count by 57 the day he drinks the papaya leaf juice. However, we are not satisfied with that result. Although it's promising but, we need a more quick way to increase the platelet count of our father. So then we tried the "tawa-tawa" tea.

Euphorbia hirta or popularly known in our country in the Philippines as “Tawa-tawa” or “gatas-gatas,”. It is a hairy herb that just resides in the backyard, roadsides and pathways of our country. This common weed – tawa-tawa – is claimed to have healing properties on dengue patients as being backed up by personal testimonies, it became one of the most popular “folkloric medicine” for dengue in the Philippines.

As a folkloric treatment in the Philippines for dengue, tawa-tawa has earned many anecdotal testimonies from those who purportedly became well from the plant’s concoction: its leaves boiled like a tea and taken orally.

How to prepare the Tawa-Tawa Tea

In preparing tawa-tawa tea, 100 grams of the fresh whole plant (including roots) are washed and boiled in half a liter (500 ml) of water for 15 minutes. After cooling and paper-filtration, the decoction is taken by the patient at one glass every hour until the fever subsides.

Now the result of drinking "Tawa-Tawa" tea was pretty amazing! From 57, the platelet count of my father jumped to 66 the day after! We continued the treatment. We let him drink a "Tawa-tawa" tea after each meal (3 times a day) or when he feel drinking it. And then on the sixth day of hospitalization, his platelet count increases again! That time it was 97! 

Some of you may think that it's not because of the "tawa-tawa" tea but because of the medicines the doctor has given my father. Well, believe it or not, the only medicine we got from the doctors where those medicines from the first day. After that, my father is under observation. He was not given any medicines at all. On the 4th day, the doctor said to us that if his platelet will continue to drop, then he will have an intensive care until then, he is under observation. So, we think that both the papaya leaves juice and "tawa-tawa" tea is the reasons why my father's platelet increases. 

I highly recommend trying the papaya leaves to juice or "tawa-tawa" tea if you have dengue or you have low platelet count. Well, I know I'm not a doctor but the thing is, I am telling this to you based on my experience. And the thing is, these two methods has no side-effects at all. These are purely herbal-medicinal plants that naturally increases the platelet count. If you still don't believe me, then google and you'll find proofs that these plants really works!

And I swear to God! It really works!