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This Could Be the Most Epic Tyrande and Malfurion Cosplayer Ever!

It’s really amazing to see fans dressing as World of Warcraft characters in real life. In fact, I’m sure that you will totally be amazed by the Tyrande and Malfurion cosplay below by Laura Jansen.

Laura Jaunsen a.k.a the Lightning cosplay created this Malfurion and Tyrande cosplay several years ago, which she and her friend used at Blizzcon 2014. Yes, I know its old news but I’m sure many of you haven’t seen it yet and for those who have seen this already, well, it’s worth looking at this marvellous piece of art just one more time. You can check out the cosplay below:

If you want to check out more cosplay from the lightning cosplay, then you can head to her patreon page. I’m pretty sure that you’ll see more awesome cosplay from her there.

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