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There's an Ongoing Row Over "Stolen" Fallout 4 Mods

There's an ongoing row over "stolen" Fallout 4 mods.

It appears that some of the most popular mods available for the Xbox One version of the game include mods made by PC players. And in some cases, these mods are not credited.

The issue emerged last week in a thread on Reddit when a mod creator accused "Spawn Items" - at the time of publication the second-most popular mod for Fallout 4 on Xbox One - of including a copy of a popular mod already available for the PC version.

Another mod was found to have lifted a popular mod created by DDProductions83, who made a lengthy rant video about the situation and uploaded it to YouTube. (Warning, there's plenty of swearing in the video. It's NSFW.)

Last week Bethesda said Xbox One's Fallout 4 mod traffic Was 50 times bigger than the PC's at launch, so it's clear the initiative has been hugely successful. But PC modders complain that they suffer a lack of recognition when their mods are ported to Xbox One uncredited. Another issue is that many of these mods were not designed for console, where there is a 2GB limit. There are reports some of these mods result in game crashes and corrupt save files on Xbox One - and the original creators are having to bat off complaints.

It doesn't help that it's impossible to create mods on Xbox One. Bethesda's set-up means all mods available on console were created on PC first. So, console players benefit from PC players' hard work - and there's no current way to return the favour.

The situation has got to the point where some mod creators are "hiding" their mods on PC so they cannot be stolen and made available on Xbox One. Others have said they're considering giving up mod creation altogether.

The rights and wrongs of the situation are being debated in a thread on Reddit. One popular Fallout mod creator, DogtoothCG (the artist behind the NCR Veteran Ranger mod that was used in the Spawn Items mod), summed up the stance from the modding community in a post on their website:
It will sort itself out in time, but in the meantime, without any sort of compensation, the notoriety of being THE author of a file is all that a mod author gets. That control over the file has been the standard since Morrowind, and has suddenly changed with the introduction of console modding, so naturally, there is some aggression and assumption on both sides.
The debate is being fuelled by the age old "console vs PC master race" rivalry. The person behind the Spawn Items Fallout 4 Xbox One mod defended his actions, railing against "PC elitists". He is, clearly, unrepentant.

Now, many are calling on Bethesda to step in and do more to block mods comprised of stolen mods from popping up on Xbox One.

Bethesda PR and marketing chief Pete Hines suggested users report mods believed to have stolen content.
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