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The Most Troublesome Heroes You'll Face in Overwatch

Overwatch has been rather all-consuming this past week, as I’m really not playing anything else. I’m playing on console with one group of friends, PC with another, and it’s given me a lot of time to think about which heroes I really, really hate.

When I say this, I don’t mean they’re poorly designed or Blizzard should nerf them or anything like that. But they are really annoying to play against, and pretty fun to troll with, if you’re good enough to use them effectively.

Everyone will probably have their own list of “annoying” characters, but this one is mine, and I’m guessing that if you’re an avid player, you may agree with at least a few of these. All have counters, technically, but actually using those counters effectively isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

5. Lucio

We’ll start with a character I actually love to play myself, Lucio, but facing off against him? Man, is he one tough SOB to kill. He can often 1v1 attack heroes because of his health regen and halfway decent damage. He can escape from near death situations like Mei freezing or Roadhog hooks because of his pop-back blast. And worst case scenario, if he’s really in trouble, he can just pop on a speed boost and sprint away. He’s the first to die if some giant AoE ult is nuking everyone, but he’s really, really hard to kill in moment-to-moment gameplay.

Possible Counters: McCree flashbang, Reaper shotgun headshots, any kind of turret which he can’t out-duel or bounce back.

4. Junkrat

Junkrat is a hero designed to be annoying, and he used to be unplayable because taking damage actually once filled the ult meter for all heroes, making him a boon to the other team most of the time with his splash damage. But now? He’s a just dangerous and irritating as there’s often no good way to dodge random grenades raining down on you from god knows where. His traps will freeze you in place and usually mean certain death if any enemies are nearby. If you kill him, he drops grenades that through extensive research I estimate will kill you 99% of the time. And his ult? How many Junkrat Play of the Games have you seen at this point where his practically unavoidable tire nukes two thirds of a team by itself?

Possible Counters: McCree flashbang. Flanking folks like Tracer, Reaper or Genji, so long as you don’t step on his death grenades. Snipers, since he will usually be up high blasting grenades. Winston, who can trap-kill his tire ult in his bubble shield if you do it right (my proudest moments in Overwatch).

3. Torbjorn

Ugh, Torbjorn. I love him on defense, hate him on offense. You will see a lot of crappy Torbjorns because they think plonking down a turret in the middle of the map is a good way to kill people, but if you get a good one that puts it up high or around a corner, it can be super tough to kill, especially on any capture maps. You can’t just Genji reflect it to death like Bastion. If you crash into as Reinhardt you remember that oh yeah, Torbjorn is an actual character who can shred you with a rivet shotgun. The constant turret damage means his ult is filled at least five times a game, and both he and his turret are near impossible to kill in that form. He’s beatable, but can be so, so annoying if you have say, two of them defending a tight final zone.

Possible counters: McCree flashbang. Snipers can blow up his turrets from afar and headshot him pretty easily. Pharah and Junkrat can AoE explode their way to victory with rockets/grenades. Reinhardt, with a sane team behind him, can protect them from turret fire while they take out the machine with ease. This will be more effective when everyone learns you can shoot through friendly shields.

2. Mei

I’m sure most people thought Mei would be number one, but as I said, this is a personal list. So she’s only the second most annoying hero to me. What is there to say? Her entire kit is designed to troll, not only as an enemy combatant but when she’s on your team as well. Fighting against her, she can 1v1 almost anyone by freezing them solid and executing them with an icicle headshot. Her wall makes doorways and hallways entirely impassable. Her ult freezes an entire team. Most annoyingly, her “panic button” invulnerability/healing move makes her almost impossible to kill whenever it’s up (every ten seconds) as she can survive every single ultimate in the game just by turtling. And hilariously when she’s on your team, a bad Mei player can screw you over frequently with misplaced walls, making her annoying on both sides of the aisle.

Possible counters: McCree flashbang. Reaper can shred her before he’s frozen. Tracer can zip away before she’s frozen. Pharah is too high to be frozen. Which leads me to…

1. Pharah

I freaking hate Pharah. I don’t think she’s a bad hero, and out of everyone on this list, I think she probably requires the most skill to use effectively, but wow, am I so tired of having AoE rockets slamming into my head in pretty much every single game I play. Offense, defense, king of the hill maps, there’s always a Pharah with those rockets, impossible to shoot because it’s hard enough for my terrible self to hit people on the ground, much less waving around in the air. The rockets combined with her squirreliness may not make her a traditional “troll” in terms of moves designed to deliberately annoy you, but far and away I am tired of fighting Pharah more than any other hero.

Possible counters: Surprisingly not a McCree flashbang, given that she’s always in the air. Good snipers and 76s can kill her in the air. Bad snipers and 76s cannot. My personal counter is Roadhog, as hooking an ulting Pharah out of the air is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Bonus: No Bastion?

Yeah, no Bastion. Not for me anyway. I think that unlike these other heroes he is a badly designed character, but he’s not dangerous enough to be annoying. Yes, everyone who encounters him the first few games will be annoyed as they’re shredded on the spot, but Bastion just has so many counters that ultimately, he’s not that irritating. I actually kind of like him because figuring out how to kill an entrenched Bastion is a problem-solving exercise that’s really gratifying when you pull it off. To me, Torbjorn is the most outright annoying turret champion because of the reasons I laid out in his section. So yeah, no Bastion, though I imagine he leads many other lists.

Who else did I leave out? Special shoutouts to Tracer, McCree and Zenyatta, who also frequently irritate me.

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