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The Division's Crit Hit Chance Has Been Nerfed Without Us Knowing

In this page, you will learn something that will definitely piss you off but, I still hope that you'll find this piece of information helpful. Massive has just nerfed critical hit chance from 100% to 60% without even announcing it!

Youtuber MarcoStyle tested this out and it turns out that the critical hit chance after 1.2 patches is now only 60%. This means that even if you stack critical chance on your weapons and gears up to the point you assume that you have gained 100% crit hit chance in total, it will still register as 60% crit hit chance. Meaning, all those time and effort collecting gears and weapons to increase your crit hit chance to 100% will go to waste.

Although this news is not all downside as it also means that now, critical hit chance is more easy to gain but still, we can't deny the fact that agent will be angry and frustrated to hear this news. If you remember on Massive's patch notes, they did not mention anything about this nerf. The thing is, a change like this must be announced as it's not just a small bug fix, but it's a change that will make a big impact on the game.

Well, I know many of you are pissed off right now. I really can't blame you for feeling that way as I myself is really pissed off with these changes as I've already stacked crit hit chance to the point wherein I assumed I got 100%. And, I am more pissed off when one of Massive's employee posted on Reddit that the video shared by MarcoStyle is correct. And, he said, " the fact that it was missing from the Patch Notes is clearly a mistake and we’re looking at how we can improve our process internally so this doesn’t happen again." What? That's all you can tell us?! I mean. How could you forget something this big? Jeez!

In another related nerfing news, one Redditor also speaks of something like Massive also nerfed skill power. He claimed that he run pure electronic builds on challenge mode and smart cover and used to be able to get smart cover at 75% damage resistance around 40,000 - 45,000 skill power. Now even above 50,000 skill power, it's around like 72.90%. Somewhere around there. In addition, the pulse would say 100% crit chance when skill power was between 45,000 and 50,000. Now, above 50,000 it gets up to like 93.

Well, I'm still doubting on the nerf of skill power as I did not see any proof of it yet but the crit hit chance is for real. If you would like to see the proof, then check out the video below:

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