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The Division: The RNG of Opening Sealed Caches Are Time Dependant

It looks like The Division's RNG ain't random after all! Some agents have experimented on opening sealed caches and they have come up into a conclusion that RNG is time-based for the sealed caches! Wait?! What?! 

Yes. You have heard right! Redditor Corruption along with his buddy tested this by opening their sealed cache simultaneously and ended up having the same Tactician's Authority gloves. The proof can be seen below:

The piece that Corruption got:

The piece that his buddy got:

Well you can say that this is luck but I believe on what he said that the odds of 2 people getting the exact same piece from the gear set, with the exact same stat, armor, major and stat attributes is really insane!

Even me had my head scratching when I saw this on reddit. At first, I also thought it was just luck until Corruption did upload a video (which you can watch below) showing another proof! 

This time, he tested it with his two friends. And the results turns out the same as the first test. In addition, he added some additional details that you will get exactly the same items if you open the sealed caches at the same time. Also, purple and yellow caches are the same as well. You can watch his video below:

This is really weird. I mean, how can Ubi says that RNG is random when this happens?!

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