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The Best ISO Set for Your Team in Marvel Future Fight

"Which ISO set is best for my team in order to defeat the World Bosses?". The answer is it depends on your team, cards, alliance level, and skill level/device. This can make things tricky when you try to follow what others are doing in the videos, and then wonder why you can't do the same.

I think the best approach is to start by answering the following questions
  1. Am I in a level 24 or higher alliance?
  2. Do my cards provide me with at least 20% Cooldown Time?
  3. Am I able to avoid boss attacks easily or does my device lag too much?
Am I in a Lv.24+ Alliance?

This is an important question to ask, because only Lv.24+ alliance bonuses apply in World Boss mode. The bonuses are as follows
  • Critical Damage +12/14%
  • Critical Rate +12/14%
  • Dodge +12/14%
  • Cooldown Time -12/14%

As you can see, this will make a big difference in fighting World Bosses, especially when it comes to SCD and Dodge

Do my Cards give me >20% Cooldown Time?

SCD is capped at 50%, and the amount obtainable from different sources means you can get close to that cap without needing an ISO set for it
  • Alliance Bonus +12/14%
  • Card Bonus +20%
  • 4th Gear Option (Lv17) +4/5%
  • Native Gear Stat (Lv17) +5%
As you can see, not even including static ISO set bonus, you can reach up to 44% SCD

Am I able to Avoid Attacks?

This is a pretty straight forward question, based on your previous encounters with the World Bosses, how good are you at avoiding taking damage. This only applies to your DPSer, as an attack set would be wasted on your Leader and Support

Once you have answered the above questions, it is time to apply them to your team.

1. The Leader
  • ​Main role is to provide the leadership bonus, secondary role is to stay alive during tag outs
  • Recommended ISO sets: "Stark Backing" or "I Am Also Groot"
2. The Support
  • ​Main role is to provide a buff/heal for your DPSer or to stay alive during tag outs. In either case, you want their skills to be available as soon as possible
  • Recommended ISO sets based on answers
  • YES/YES --> "Stark Backing" or "I Am Also Groot"
  • YES/NO --> "Tenacious Symbiote" or "Smart Raccoon"
  • NO/YES --> "Tenacious Symbiote" or "Smart Raccoon"
  • NO/NO --> "Tenacious Symbiote" or "Smart Raccoon"
3. The DPSer
  • ​Main role is to deal as much damage as possible without dying early
  • Recommended ISO sets based on answers
  • YES/YES/YES --> "Overdrive" or "Power of Angry Hulk"
  • YES/YES/NO --> "I Am Also Groot" or "Stark Backing"
  • YES/NO/YES --> "Hawkseye" or "Smart Raccoon"
  • YES/NO/NO --> "I Am Also Groot" or "Drastic Density Enhancement"
  • NO/YES/YES --> "Hawkseye" or "Smart Raccoon"
  • NO/YES/NO --> "I Am Also Groot" or "Drastic Density Enhancement"
  • NO/NO/YES --> "Smart Raccoon" or "Spy Tactics"
  • NO/NO/NO --> "I Am Also Groot" or "Drastic Density Enhancement"
Note that this is just the starting ground for helping you decide which ISO set would be best. Answers will differ based on your actual bonuses, such as having 30% SCD vs 20% on cards, or your DPSer not having any native SCD. If you have any specific questions about your character, feel free to ask. I hope some players find this useful.

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