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Quake Champions Announced! And Overwatch Gets a New Competition!

So there are tons of things that has been revealed at E3 2016 and one of these is the upcoming game of Bethesda Quake Champions.

Along with the announcement is a fully CGI trailer showing a battle between humans and bloody Cyborg Strogg. You can check out the trailer after the break.

Quake Champions will be available for PC and Tim Willits, the co-designer of the original Quake has described this new game as a competitive first-person shooter which is designed for eSports. As you may have know, Quake III was the very first successful eSports in the first-person shooter genre. And, Quake Champions is expected to follow its path or even surpass what Quake III had achieved.

However, the devs also said that this is not like any Quake game you played before as players can select different classes in the game. Eh? Is this kind of an Overwatch game? Yes I think it is. I think that it's rather timely that Bethesda released something like this to compete against the popular shooter of Blizzard, Overwatch.

Now we all know how popular Overwatch today but I think that Quake Champions will be at the same level of Overwatch. We still have no gameplay about it yet but, I really have this strong feeling that it will somehow be like Overwatch. Nonetheless, the sure winners of this are us gamers who loves first-person shooters. Now we have yet another first-person shooter in the list.

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