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Overwatch Might Get Cross-Platform Multiplayer in the Future

We all know that Xbox Live now supports cross-platform multiplayer with PS4 but the thing is, top tier games don't have this kind of feature yet. What I mean is, it has not yet been implemented to games like Destiny, The Division or even the newly released Overwatch. And I think that the developers of this game should consider this kind of feature as competition is way better on this game.

Now when someone had an inquiry about cross-platform, this is what Overwatch had replied:

Even though there's no cross-platform play at the moment, the tweet hinted that Blizzard might possibly consider having this feature on Overwatch, which I think will be great for console players. Why did I say console players? Because of the fact that PC is way too fast than console. I mean, just take a look at what PC gamers do with their computers. They are trying to make a beast out of it! Undeniably, PC gamers will crush console gamers with all those upgrades and stuffs just to get the best performance out of a game. In short, PC to console cross-platform is a big "NO" while Xbox to Playstation is a good idea.

Well at the moment we still don't know if cross-platform play will come out soon in Overwatch. Let's just hope that Blizzard will announce something like this soon (fingers-crossed).

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