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New Star Wars Episode VIII Leak Reveals Skywalker Dismantling Two Lightsabers & Discussing the Origin of Jedi to Rey

Youtuber Mike Zeroh claims that he has some valuable information about the upcoming Star Wars Ep. VIII. Whether this is true or not, as a Star Wars fans, I don't want to miss any info!

So, it appears that the Youtuber has a rumored leak, saying that there's a scene on Episode VIII wherein Luke Skywalker will dismantle two lightsabers. Now we all know that the ending of Episode VII was Rey showing and giving Luke's lightsaber to him. 

According to the source of this Youtuber, Luke will get his lightsaber from Rey using the force and then, he will take out his other hand and he will pull out his other lightsaber from his belt using the force.
'Luke takes his arm out and uses the force and pulls the lightsaber from Rey gently, her lightsaber floats through the air in between them, slowly going to Luke's hand as he grabs it. 
'The next sequence is of Luke Skywalker taking out his other hand and his lightsaber floats out of his belt, at this point Luke has two hands semi raised up with two lightsabers, green on the left and blue on the right.
After that, Luke will close his eyes and using the force, he will dismantle the two lightsaber. All the components and metals will be floating in the air and what's left on Luke's hand will be the green crystal over his left hand, and the blue crystal over his right hand.
'From what has been described, Luke closes his eyes and dismantles both lightsabers, all metal and components removed into pieces, all the building blocks of both lightsabers are separated into tiny bits and pieces, leaving only two crystals, one in each hand (green over left and blue over right hand) and informs her about the importance of the Crystals.' 

Meanwhile, there's another rumored leak script which reveals that there's also a scene in the upcoming movie, wherein we will know Rey's past.

In the scene, Luke tells Rey about the origins of the Jedi, which started with a boy and a girl living on a planet with their parents.The children manage to secure weird powers before the boy tries to kill the girl. Thinking he has got rid of his sister, he joins the Dark Side but she actually survives and becomes the founder of the Jedi order.

As of now, these leaks are just rumors. They might be true and they might not. For now, let's just give it a benefit of a doubt. However, I can say that just by knowing all these stuff, I getting more and more excited to watch the film. Also, I hope that some mysteries that was left unanswered during Episode VII will finally be solved in Episode VIII. 


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