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New Destiny Glitch Discovered: "Embrace The Void" Perk Broken by Swords

Now I have an article earlier that says Bungie is doing their best to provide as with new content faster. But I think they should not forget about the present game and fix those bugs and glitches.

Earlier today, it seems another glitch has been discovered. Redditor Raikiri_78 shared a glitch which affects the Embrace The Void perk of Voidwalkers.

While soloing Challenge of Elders, he discovers that the Voidwalker perk appears to be broken. The perk is suppose to trigger Energy Drain and give your a portion of your health back but, it appears that only half works if you have a sword equip, which completely ignores the best part of the perk which is the Life Steal.

He posted a video of this glitch in action which you can check out below later. Furthermore, he done some testing on Earth Patrol and discovered that the glitch also occurred when you dont equip Nothing Manacles, and whether the sword is Legendary or Exotic.

Well, I think Bungie really needs to fix the present Destiny first before they go jumping into any new content aside Rise of Iron.

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