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Marvel Future Fight Guide to World Bosses: Corvus Glaive

Here's a beginners guide on how to go against Corvus Glaive. This guide will go through the strategies that most players often use for each world boss, detailing their abilities, phases, when to attack, when to back off, etc. In addition, the videos below will show boss abilities for reference.

Cards used:

and their bonuses:


Boogeyman - spinning attack, causes bleed damage (135° red telegraph)
Pain Wheel - lines of fire (red telegraph)
Piercing Strike - multi-jab, causes paralysis (red telegraph)
Deadly Charge - summons minions
Peek-a-Boo - leaps into ground slam, leaves earthen volcanos (circular red telegraph)

Phase 1

Aim for under 1 minute (>4:00)
Uses abilities Boogeyman, Piercing Strike, and Peek-a-Boo
Move out of red telegraphs, then attack while CG finishes skill
Okay to take bleed damage, don't need to tag out
Use co-op skill if stuck in stun, otherwise use during Boogeyman and Peek-a-Boo

Phase 2

Aim for under 1 minute (>3:00)
Uses abilities Boogeyman, Piercing Strike, Peek-a-Boo, and Deadly Charge
Peek-a-Boo now emits 6 straight lines of fire from all sides
Use AoE attacks to take down minions
Use co-op skill at start of phase (if available) and as in phase 1

Phase 3

Uses abilities Piercing Strike, Peek-a-Boo, Deadly Charge, and Pain Wheel
Fight near top of map to keep earthen volcanos clustered together, making them easier to avoid
Side step Pain Wheel, then go in for attack after 3rd strike and use co-op if available (to avoid damage from 4th strike)
At ~300,000 HP, CG enrages and gains massive dodge
If using clones for damage, they will now miss most attacks, you must use other skills
Use co-op skill as much as possible to burn CG down 


Team Loki

Ronan (L), Loki, Nebula
Shield, Clones, Run
Use other skills to damage boss and shorten phase 1 & 2, leaving more time for phase 3
Use clones during enrage to take care of minions while you damage boss

Team Carnage

HB (L), Carnage, Doc Ock
Camouflage Strike, Insanity Strike, Heal
Use "Camouflage Strike" after boss abilities to heal up damage
Cycle in "Carnage Strike" if other skills on cooldown and safe to attack
Tag out as needed, Carnage can still be stunned and drops fairly quickly
Don't use co-op skill if mid "Camouflage Strike" as it will cancel out the skill and blobs, as will phase changes

Team Iron Fist

BB (L), IF, Daisy
More Bang For Your Punch, The Iron Fist, Co-op
Make sure IF is right next to boss before using "The Iron Fist" to maximize damage
Leave BB tagged in most of the time to kite boss
Use BB "Brutal Whisper" for HP shield, then "Quasi-Sonic Scream" to deal with minions

Team Nico

She-Hulk (L), Nico, Sing
Clones, Avian Fury, Punish
Make sure clones are always closer to boss than you
Try not to stand behind your clones either, aim for 90° away
Use She-Hulk and Sing to help take down first two lives
Tag out often phase 3 and use She-Hulk's 6* skill and Sing's 5* skill to avoid damage

Team Angela
Ronan (L), Angela, Warwolf
Howl To Mars, Angel's War Rage, Co-op
Use "Angel's War Rage" -> co-op skill -> "Angel's War Rage"
Use "Entangle" to take care of minions
Keep Angela tagged in and DPSing for entire duration of "Howl To Mars"

Team Silk

She-Hulk (L), Silk, Throot
Shield, Look Behind You, Web Rebound
Make sure shield is always up
Use "Look Behind You" to avoid taking damage
Make sure "Web Rebound" and "The Yo-Yo" finish animations for max damage
Use healing circle when less than 50% 

Team Elsa

Elsa (L), WW, Daisy
Howl To Mars, More Bang For Your Punch, Red Flame
Can use any high DPSer in place of Elsa
Make sure DPSer is off cooldown before starting buff rotation
Tag out DPSer once buff wears off to minimize damage taken

Team Cosmic

CM (L), SuG, Sing
Puppeteer, Battle Mentality, Giant Illusions
Use BB to draw boss attacks away

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Credits: Special thanks to Rika Charme for the video guides.