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LoL Player Shows Up as Garen on Warcraft Movie Premiere Night and Gets Beaten Up

Lots of things had happened during the release of World of Warcraft movie. There are criticisms, good feedbacks and even fans doing some crazy stuff.

One crazy thing that happened during the premiere night of the Movie is when a man dressed as League of Legend's Garen an entered the event. At the event, he then yelled "For Demacia" in front of other Alliance and Horde cosplayers. What happens next? This is how he look like after that:

Five guys approached him, and started kicking and punching him after that. 

Now the perpetrators afterwards boldly stated that:
"Thanks to Demacia, the Alliance and the Horde united under one banner and drove away the common enemy."
Yeah I know some of you will say that they should have not done that. They should not have beaten this guy. But the fact is, why the hell would you dressed up as a LoL character in the first place when you are going on a World of Warcraft movie premiere?! And to top that, why would you yell "For Demecia" in front of those WoW crowd?! I mean, it's just like committing suicide!

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Source: 2p.com


  1. This is why i hate humans some times.

    1. Me too, i hate when people ask to be beaten and then complain they are beaten...
      Well, it's life and stupidity runs in most humans.

  2. If you really think that it's World of Warcraft... you aren't legit. It's based off of Warcraft. As the title implies.

  3. Well lol true to that xD only crazy ppl do that xD serve him right ,he will never do that again xD


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