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iPhone 7 Will Be Equipped With Intel Modem Chips

Intel might finally get a chunk of profit in the mobile industry as Apple has plans on equipping the future iPhone 7 with Intel modem chips.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will use modems (not processors by the way) from Intel in SOME versions of the upcoming iPhone 7. To be exact, they will integrate Intel's LTE modem into the AT&T models of the future iPhone 7. In addition, it is said that the Intel modem will also be equip into the GSM-based iPhone 7 variants around the world and possibly, that of T-Mobile's.

Although these are the only variants of iPhone 7 that were mentioned to be integrated with Intel technology as Apple will continue to use Qualcomm for the modem inside the Verizon Wireless (also possibly Sprint) version of the iPhone 7, as well as the iPhone 7 which will be sold in China. Now this may seem like a small portion for Intel to really get enough profit in the mobile industry but the fact is, they had just made it on the mobile industry. And that is a start and the best part is, they start it with a giant company.

The iPhone 7 is expected to arrive in September and I think that we'll have more concrete details about this on Monday, June 13  at 10:00 a.m Pacific Time.

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Source: Bloomberg