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How to Use Your Own Handwriting as a Font in Five Easy Steps

Tired of your old boring fonts in Microsoft Word? Want to use your own handwriting instead? Then heres five simple steps to follow, on now to use your own handwriting as a font. Oh! This is intro is a product of my own handwriting by the way. :D (Note: Try viewing this in a desktop and you'll see what I mean)

So how to type with your own handwriting? Follow these simple steps:

1.) First you need to download the image below. Take note that the image must be downloaded in either PDF or PNG to avoid any errors. Simply right click the image and click "save image as" then input any name for it.
2.) The next thing to do is print the template above and fill it out with your own handwriting. Take note that you should use a black pen to fill out each blank and you must not write over the inner auxiliary lines to avoid any errors in scanning. You can also use a dark blue pen also if black is not available. Check the image below for the correct example of filling this template:
3.) Scan the template. Make sure that it is scanned at 300dpi on grayscale. Once done, save the template. Again, save it as a png image file.

4.) Now go to www.myscriptfont.com and upload your template. 
Once done, you will be prompted to the result screen. You will know that you have successfully uploaded your font template once you see your font below "Result".
5.) The fifth and final step is to install your handwriting font to Microsoft Word or to any word application your are using. To do that, Simply click the font template you've downloaded earlier and hit the install button.
Now to test your new handwriting font, just to Microsoft Word and select your font. Also, you can use your new font in any of your desktop application that has text enable on it. Say for example your MSPaint app.

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