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How to Play Khaimera in Paragon: A Beginner's Guide

So I got a few playing time with the new hero Khaimera during beta weekend on Paragon and, I want to share to you guys some basic things that I've learned from this hero. Just like I've said, only the basics as I don't have the luxury of playing him for a longer period. This page will just cover on describing what kind of hero is khaimera, his abilities and how to utilize them well, some bacis combos and some basic tips on how to play him. So, let's start the Khaimera's guide for beginners.

What kind of hero is Khaimera?

Khaimera's role in the battlefield is pretty simple: He gets in your face and smash you with his axes! His a melee fighter who loves to get up close in enemies and isolate enemy heroes from their team. Just like what he's doing below:

Abilities and their Functions

Hack (R2/Left Click)

Khaimera swings his axes, dealing Physical damage.

Comments: Nothing to talk in here. All you need to know is that this is your basic attack. That's it. Now let's move on to the next ability.

Ambush (R1/Right Click)

Khaimera leaps to a target enemy hero, briefly stunning that hero and dealing Physical damage in a small area around him.

Comments: As the description of the skill says, Khaimera leaps and then stun the enemy hero, dealing damage in a small area around him. This is really Khaimera's best and most defining ability. If Khaimera jumps in you with ambush you can pretty much call it a day. It puts you right on top of your enemy, and then let's you swing those axes in a frenzy to inflict pain to your target.

Unleash (Q/Square)

Khaimera gains max attack speed for the next 5 seconds, or 5 attacks, whichever happens first. The card damage scaling of his ability increases with the ability’s level.

Comments:  Take note that the description of the skill says MAX ATTACK SPEED.  You gain max attack speed for 5 seconds and not just bonus attack speed. Once you're on top of your enemy, activate unleash and go to town. You will constantly be surprise on how much faster you attack when unleash is activated. It's a little crazy and definitely don't waste those five seconds.

Spirit Regeneration (E/Circle)

Passive: Khaimera gains stacks of temporary Health Regen when he lands basic attacks on an enemy. These stacks last for 5 seconds.

Comments: This is a passive ability which means you don't have to do anything to make the ability activate. As Khaimera lands basic attacks, he gains temporary stacks of health regen that lasts for 5 seconds. This is very similar to life steal. As you attack, He will constantly be gaining health back. The more you attack, the more health you'll gain back. This allows you to stay on team fights longer and just give you more survivability overall.

Cull (R/Triangle)

Ultimate: Khaimera selects an enemy hero. After a brief channel, he roots and deals Physical damage to that hero. He pushes away and slows all other enemies.

Comments: This is Khaimera's ultimate. After a short channel, he roots and deals damage to enemy hero. Also, all other enemies close by will be slowed and push away. This is an amazing ability for focusing on a single target during a team fight. You will deal massive amount of damage to your target and the enemy team cannot get close to you. What more could you asked for?

Basic Skill Combo:

The most basic and effective combo that I could give you guys is that you start off with ambush to get on top of your enemy, then immediately use cull and then activate unleash to just destroy your target. That's it. It maybe simple but it's really deadly!

Tips on Playing Khaimera:

Khaimera is really fun to play. I can say that he is a very high risk, high reward hero. Why? It's because if you start early getting lots of hero kills, then you'll just pretty much dominate the whole entire much but, if you start and get behind, it's very hard to even get close to enemies and deal enough damage to take them down. Eventhough Khaimera is an in-you-face kind of hero, you should always be cautious in approaching enemies. In early stages of the match, pick those enemies who go astray in a group or those who have low health. DO NOT RUSH LIKE A MAD DOG!

Speaking of how to build your deck, Khaimera's card choices are pretty simple: Pick those cards which will give you high physical damage and crit chance. DO NOT GO WITH ATTACK SPEED AS IT WILL JUST BE A WASTE. Remember that you have an ability that will give you MAX ATTACK SPEED FOR 5 seconds and that's pretty sufficient in my own opinion. However, if you want to try attack speed build, then you can but based on my experience, it's kind of a waste to build attack speed on him as in the middle of team fights, you get high chances of always activating your unleash ability and benefit from that max attack speed.

So that's it guys. I hope you learned a thing or two in this guide. Next time, I will be posting an advanced guide for Khaimera, a detailed one which includes some pros and cons of using him, advanced tactics on using his abilities, in-game strategies and lots of other advanced stuff. So stay tuned!