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How to Play Havoc Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft: Legion

So are you ready to play as a Demon Hunter in Legion? I know you’re excited and to get you battle-ready in World of Warcraft, here’s a guide on how to play as a Demon Hunter.

This guide will be more focus on a Havoc Demon Hunter which is PvE-oriented. Also, this guide will explain to you the talent choices for this build and their usefulness. I think you got all the info on what you’ll be reading here, so check out the guide below.

Let’s discuss the overall stat for this build first. For this build, I suggest going with:


Why these stats you asked?

The ability Chaos Strike is your basic spending ability for fury. (Your generator is Demon's Bite)
You will often use Chaos strike in battle as this will be your spending ability for fury (while Demon’s Bite is the one who will generate fury for you)

When you land a crit, Chaos Strike will refund 20 fury . So obviously, the more critical hit you land, the higher your overall dps with more uptime with your main spender.

The secondary stat (which is the Haste) will increase your auto-attack speed, in addition to reducing your global cooldown (the amount of time in between spells). The concept here is that the more often you use skills, the more damage you dish out.

For mastery, you can pick Demonic Presence. This mastery will give you increased % Move Speed and % Damage Increase. 

However, don’t use this as your primary stat because of two reasons:

  1. Your movement speed is more or less useless when you have 3 mobility spells already, which have relatively short cooldown and;
  2. The increase in damage % is nothing compared to the critical strike refund you have. It’s like choosing between 10% damage increment or 10% chance of your 100% damage increased. 

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference.

Now let’s move on the Talents you’ll need for this build.

Important Note: This build will revolve mainly on the Eye Beam ability. Hence, I will also explain the other useful talents that you can use on this build.


Tier 1:Blind Fury
Blind Fury basically gives you more ticks of damage to your Eye Beam. Instead of 9, it will give you 14 ticks. Although this may not be game changing, but if you use it with your artefact weapon’s mega trait, it will be extremely powerful.

You can use the Anguish of the Deceiver as your trait in this build. Each time eye beam deals damage it will apply a debuff that when it expires, will deal 50% Attack Power per tick of damage taken. 
So basically if you have a Demon Hunter with 7500 attack power, which does 9 ticks of damage, it will normally give you an expiration damage of 33,750 damage.  However, if it does 14 ticks, that will do 52,500 damage instead. Yes, it’s a huge damage boost but that’s not the good part of it.

The coolest part is that Eye Beam does 170% attack power in damage per tick. Each tick deals 12,750 damage. Without blind fury, Eye Beam does 114,750 damage in 2 seconds, with the Anguish of the Deceiver damage adding it up to a total of 148,500 damage for one cast of Eye Beam. With 14 ticks, Eye Beam does 178,500 damage. With Anguish of the Deceiver, it will do a total whopping amount of 231,000 damage. So this makes Eye Beam an intense burst of damage. Blind fury adds an additional ~35% damage to Eye Beam.

Fel Rush
It's damage even with 100% crit isn't something to write home. We don't have a CD on our Fury Building ability, so... Why?

Bonus Tip:

The other relevant talent for use is the Demonic Appetite ability. If you find yourself always dying in instances, you can use Demonic Appetite to keep yourself alive. Fel Mastery damage is irrelevant compared to the damage Blind Fury provides.

Tier 2: Fel Eruption

First I'll talk about the other talent options since I think of this ability as a best of the pointless.

Besides being part of Illidan Stormrage's infamous quote, it's really quite pointless. You don't go energy or rage starved, your demon bite doesn't have a cooldown, what'd be the issue? We don't get any use from bonus fury, and we don't utilize vengeful retreat all too often, so it's ultimately pointless.

Demon Blades.
Replaces demon bite is all I need to hear. Demon bite will make up a solid chunk of your damage and you're replacing it with auto-attacking? In PvE it's useless since you'll just stand there waiting for your *chance* to gain fury from auto-attacking while everyone else is already doing damage.

Fel Eruption
Fel Eruption currently doesn't have a working tooltip, and I'm 100% sure that 100 damage is not what the blizzard dev's intend this ability to do. So, I can't really imagine the amount of DPS this will help you do extra, but since it's an extra button that you can press, why not.

Tier 3: FellBlade

FelBlade is a heavy hitting damage ability. 560% fire damage doesn't quite specify how much damage, but whatever value its % is based off of, it will still be a significant damage increase on top of being a charge. Additionally, it can be reset and you'll get some nasty damage off if RNG is being kind.

First Blood
I mean... Whatever floats your boat. If you like using Blade Dance, then go for it. I can't calculate it's damage increase, but it just doesn't seem to be worth giving up a significant damage increase.

Demon Reborn
Eh. 3 minute cooldown to reset other cooldowns? Kind of useless, but I can imagine if you are in PvP and want to do some crazy reset damage, then you can go for it. PvE wise, it won't justify the damage lost from FelBlade.

Tier 4: Soul Rending 

All three talents in this row are perfectly viable, so I'll go into why they are good or not.

You become immune to all damage and are able to zoom around at mounted speed.
That, is really overpowered in my honest opinion. Assuming it works the way I imagine, having several demon hunters rolling with this ability can negate some aspects of raiding entirely such as raid events/sequences which require people to soak up damage from the tank or x player, and that damage will be completely gone. For 5 seconds at least.

Demonic Instincts
A review of Blur: Increases dodge chance by 50%. It's hit or miss to be honest, and 50% chance isn't solid. While 50% chance is still a chance, it's usually not worth it in comparison to how reliable Netherwalk is. Besides, 30% health is pretty low to drop to, and I don't think 50% dodge would save you in that scenario anyway.

Soul Rending
100% leech is godlike. If you're level 110 and have the talent I chose, you won't require healing every 40 seconds. However, without 110 talent you're effectively losing out on a lot of defensive uptime especially if you don't have Netherwalk.

How about Legendaries you say?
Raddon's Cascading Eyes Is a very intense legendary item for this build. Especially versus huge packs of enemies, you can use Eye Beam right after you finish casting it.