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How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings by 60% or More [Updated]

Ever wondered what are the pages on your website/blog that gives you the most AdSense earnings? Well, Google Analytics might give an idea on pages that has the most visits but, it does not exactly tell you that those pages gives you AdSense revenue. It leaves you guessing if those pages really earns your some dollars. So, do you want to know what are those specific pages that gives you revenue? Then read below and I’ll tell you how.

But first, let me give you some of the benefits of using this method. Why exactly you would want to know what pages in your site that performs well in terms of AdSense revenue, you asked? I have list down some benefits in doing this method below:
  1. You will gain an idea on what topics you should focus on writing in the future and;
  2. You will have an idea on what keywords you should focus on.
That’s not all. You can also use this method for A/B testing your ad units. By doing so, you can learn:
  1. Which ad sizes performs best in your pages and;
  2. You can pinpoint (in some way) on where are the AdSense heatmap on your website/blog.
How about constraints and disadvantage in using this method? This method has no constraints at all. It’s very simple that even newbie bloggers can do this. Also, there’s no disadvantage in using this method. It’s all 100% benefits for you. 

Sorry for the long intro guys but I really want to make sure that before you read on, you know what exactly you’ll be reading on this guide and of course, to really show you of how important this method in increasing your Adsense revenue.

So now, let’s begin.

Step 1: The first step you need to do is sign in to your Google AdSense account and then create an ad unit. Now like I have said earlier, this method don't just work on tracking the pages that gives you the most Adsense revenue. It's also a good method for A/B testing your ad units to simply know which ad performs well. You'll know more about A/B testing while using this method, once you go deeper on this article.

Step 2: Next thing you need to do, is install your Adsense ads in your website. Simply paste the codes wherever you like them to be, or wherever you think they would  likely be click. For me, I have two adsense codes: One is on top (728x90), just below the title and the other one (336x280) is on the middle wrap around the text. So far, I can say that these locations are the most optimal places where viewers can see my ads and might as well click it if they like.

Step 3: After you are done setting up your ads in your website, it is now time to track which ad unit gives you more revenue and, which specific pages gives you these revenue. Now I know many of you are using Google Analytics at the moment but we will not use that here. Although analytics is great, but we don’t get to see some figures and reports on which pages converts to AdSense earnings. We will be using another online tracker tool called Statcounter. If you don’t have an account yet, then just go to statcounter.com and register one. It will just take a few minutes to do so. 

Once you have an account, install the statcounter code on your website (I prefer using the invisible tracker) After that, you need to give it at least 24 hours so statcounter can get all the info you want about your website statistics. So, I think you should just go back tomorrow before you proceed to step 4 but if you insist to read the whole article now, then go ahead.

Step 4: Now your back and it’s time to see the stats of your site on the previous day. Log in to your statcounter account and then select your project. After that select “Exit Link activity”. There’s some visual aids below to help you out.

Why the "Exit Link Activity"?

There's a number of ways that your users will exit a page on your website. One is that they exit through clicking a link and landing in another page of site. Second is they exit your site, by clicking a link on your site which leads to another web page. Third is they close their browser after reading your article. And last one is that they have clicked one of your ads. And the "Exit Link Activity" tells you exactly when your user clicked an ad, what type of Google AdSense ad (in terms of size) on your site did they clicked and on what page on your site did he/she clicked the ad. Now you have an idea on how to use these data right?

But for those who have no idea on how to use these data, read the rest of the article below.

So how do you use these data? First let’s discuss about the data on “what pages on your site your user click an ad". The first thing you need to do is record all the pages that have AdSense earnings (see sample image below). For better result, try doing this every single day. Now this method will definitely be tedious and definitely requires hard work but, if you want to be successful in Google AdSense, then you really need to give lots of time and effort for it.

The idea is, to record all those pages that gives you AdSense earnings per day. Then after a week or a month, try to look at the data and see what exactly, are the pages that gives you revenue. By doing so, you will then have an idea on what are the topics that you should focus on creating and posting next on your site/blog.

Now to give you a specific example, I’ll use this blog as a tool for demonstration. Well, I really can’t post any images on my AdSense earnings as it’s not allowed but, I will give you some figures. Okay, for the month of May I earned 185 USD (184.76 to be specific) and I have tried this method out: I have recorded all the pages that earned from Adsense and then on the end of the month, I evaluated the date. Based from the data, my findings where that most of the pages which tackles about game guides were the ones that are giving me more revenue. So, I’ve decided to post lots of more game tips and guides articles for the first week of June. However, there’s no increase in earnings per day. So, what I’ve did is review the data and, it hit me! It turns out that I don’t need to produce just a game guide article. Instead, I need to be more specific!

I have notice that the articles that give the most AdSense clicks are those guides for games which are played on consoles such as Xbox One and Playstation 4. Also I realized that the ad unit, mostly being clicked, is the 336x280 ad unit in the middle of the post. How did I know? 

Take a look back step 2. As you can see I’ve placed a 728x90 ad below the title post and a 336x280 ad on the middle of each post. And, it turns out that the middle post ad performs better than the below the title ad. So that’s how A/B testing your ad unit works in this method! As you can see, the “Exit Link Activity” (see previous image above) of statcounter shows you not only the page, but also the exact ad size of the ad unit that was clicked on it. All you need to do is record the data per day, evaluate the date at the end of the month and proceed to doing some changes based on your findings.

How did I benefit from doing all of this? 

So my findings were that:
  1. A 336x280 ad place in the middle post is a good choice
  2. I should post more articles about PS4 and Xbox One games.
Based on those findings, what I did is post a couple of unique guides from a ps4 title named The Division and a Xbox title named Fallout 4 and, just let my two ad unit stay on their respective places (The 728x90 ad unit is also converting to revenue so I’ve decided to stick with it). On the second week of June, my earnings per day jump from 7.57 USD per day to 10.21 per day! Now to prove to myself that the method actually works, I continue doing it and on the third week of this month it jump again to 11.70 per day and it stayed in that figures for the next week. Right now, I am currently at 12 USD per day and if this continues, then most likely I will have a finalize earnings of 323 USD. That’s almost 60% of revenue boost!


I can say that this method really works. It's a great addition to those tools you to increase your traffic and revenue. And the best part of it, you don't need to buy anything! You just need to invest time and effort and your hard work will definitely pay off someday.

Note: Although it's not tested for months or years but I plan to update this page every month to really prove to you guys that this method really works.