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How to Fix Common Issues in The Division Underground 1.3 Update

The Division 1.3 update has gone live for a couple of hours now but, it seems that there are many agents out there have some problems with the update. Some players are having a hard time accessing the new DLC while others ran into some connectivity issues.

Thankfully, Ubi has provided some workaround on these common problems and you can check out below some fixes on the problems that you might be experiencing at the moment (Well actually, not all are fixed. Some of them say that Ubi is fixing it at the moment):
  • For Xbox One Pass users, make sure to unlock the DLC in the In-game store. Click purchase and the game will detect that you own the season pass
  • For Pc users, if you can't access the Underground content, please restart your Uplay client
  • If Underground is shown as “Offline” in-game, make sure to complete the Secure Quarantine Center side mission shown on your Map
  • The issue wherein the Underground DLC is not showing as Owned despite owning the Season Pass is being fixed at the moment.
  • In PC, the issue wherein Underground would not be shown as Owned when owning the Season Pass should now be fixed. Make sure to restart the game.
  • If you are experiencing a Delta error 20001082 & extending waiting issues, Ubi said that it's currently on investigation and they are working on a fix for it.

Also, there have been reports that there's an issue about character going missing right after updating to 1.3. Ubi did respond to this issue quick however by asking players to give their usernames so that they can investigate the problem. This isn't the first time The Division has dealt with a bug that caused characters to go missing. Back in April, Ubisoft said a separate "missing character" issue was caused by a malfunctioning server.

Underground and the 1.3 patch are available only on Xbox One and PC. The expansion lands on PlayStation 4 on August 2, while the patch should be out next week on Sony's system.

Source: Twitter (The Division)