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How to Dodge Low Attacks in Pokken Tournament Effectively

So I've found something really handy in youtube. Something about how to dodge low attacks in Pokken Tournament more effectively. The technique is really simple and you can go use it on any character in the game. So continue reading below to see how to evade low attacks effectively.
So the technique mainly revolves in canceling out of pre-jump frames. By pressing jump and then pressing any other button within 4 frames of pressing jump, you are able to cancel your jump

Into ANY action of your choice, besides walk, dash, low stance, and high stance. The whole purpose of this is to dodge lows (like garchomp's X+A move, or blaziken's down X) and punish with moves you normally could not punish with. You can also do this in the field phase, though its use is much more limited there. It only beats Garchomp's CA in the field phase at the moment.

This does not work to beat throws however, as they have too many active frames. If you jump cancel into an attack against a throw, you get a throw break. It could work if your opponent went for an extremely meaty grab. It could also work to make throw breaks slightly easier, but you may as well just use a jump attack to punish at that point.

Garchomp cannot cancel out of his pre-jump frames if he is jumping out of his dig or run, so he is still limited with his options out of both.

This allows you to punish the following moves with whatever you so please:
  • Garchomp's: Down Y, X+A
  • Blaziken's: Down Y, Down X
  • Sceptile's: Down Y (I doubt you can punish down X, or any other slide just due to how many active frames they seem to have)
  • Gengar's: Down Y (have to do the tech twice in a row)
  • Weavile's: Down Y
Everything else still needs to be tested. Really hope it works for Garchomp's Earthquake (jump A) cause that would be super hype. You can check out the video below by the way to give a little preview on how to do this move.

Credits: Special thanks to Amphorce for the video guide.