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Here's a New Game Built From The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The Skyrim series are sure an apple to the eye for the modding community. Various mods have been added to the games’ series to enhance the gaming experience or just simply make the game livelier. Mods for these games vary from adding new clothing to characters to creating new landmasses inside Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. But the most ambitious and notable mod ever-made (as of today), is the one that requires converting the whole game into another game, which is based on the old game. I hope you understand my language but to make it simpler, it’s like creating a new RPG based from that old RPG you experience. Now that’s way better than a remaster with re-skin and mod support right? 

After years of development, the SureAI team has finally announced a release date for Enderal — a total conversion of Skyrim with its own world, its own story, its own characters and its own mechanics. It was built using the Skyrim modding tools, so the final product is going to have a similar feel to the latest Elder Scrolls game, but the similarities mostly begin and end there.

What I’m talking here is about a mod named “Enderal”. Developed by SureAI team, this mod is meant to convert the world of Skyrim to a new one- A new world, new characters, new stories and new game mechanics. It was built using the Skyrim modding tools, so that the final product will fell like the Elder Scrolls game but it totally looks like a new game.

“In Enderal, we have attempted to combine open world gaming with a complex and profound storyline,” says the SureAI team, explaining how the game distinguishes itself from Skyrim. “While the game world of Enderal is smaller than Skyrim’s and the quests are fewer, we believe that the depth of our story and the complexity of our characters both surpass those in recent Elder Scrolls games.”

SureAI says it has spent 29,908 hours on the development of this total conversion mod, but this weekend, all that hard work finally paid off as Enderal’s release window was revealed: between July 1-3.

The team has spent 29,908 hours on developing this mod and this weekend, they are planning to release it on public: between July 1-3. However, the team noted that the German version will be out first, with an English version coming some weeks later.

Go ahead and watch the official trailer of Enderal below:

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