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God of War E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer is Freakin' Awesome!

God of War is finally coming back! And it will come back with a bang!

Only this time, the game takes inspiration from Norse mythology, including a dramatic encounter with a dragon. For now, the game seems to just be titled simply "God of War."

The gameplay trailer which you can see below opens with a much older, bearded, player-controlled Kratos teaching his son how to hunt, and continues with the brutal weapon and hand-to-hand melee combat the franchise is known for.

Now there has been rumors that the new God of War game's protagonist will not be Kratos and it seems they are correct. Why'd I say so? It's because when you look at the trailer, it feels and it looks like the main character of the game will be his son. Even though you can control Kratos, the ending of the gameplay trailer where Kratos said that his son is ready.. for the new beginning, hints us that his son will probably play a big part of the game. And to see that Kratos is a bit old to be facing gods in the game, I can conclude that probably his son will be the god slayer of the game. Even so, you can't argue the fact that Kratos can still kick some ass, specially when he knocked down that troll in the video. Epic!

No further details were revealed about the Game but we now know that the game is official and it's a great game especially to those God of War fanatics like me.

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