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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Full Map Unveiled & It's Freakin' Huge!

The YouTube channel for Open World Games gives fans of the forth coming Ghost Recon: Wildlands an in-depth rundown of the title’s environments by revealing its full map.

Considering the fact that the developers at Ubisoft have described Ghost Recon: Wildlands as the company’s “largest open world title to date” and has set it in the South American country of Bolivia—which is just slightly less than 3 times the size of the U.S. state of Montana—fans ought to expect a pretty large map to explore. For those gamers who want a more complete look at the total area that Ghost Recon: Wildlands will cover, though, the fine folks over at Open World Games have revealed its map in full.

While the official “We Are Ghosts” trailer for Ghost Recon: Wildlands gave fans a few glimpses at the title’s myriad environments, Open World Games more closely analyzes the designs and listings on an actual map that will be included in one of the title’s many Special Editions. So far we’ve learned that the game will contain a diverse range of locations, such as deserts, forests, plains, villages, urban centers, and even mountains, but the spaces’ actual layout has been unknown thus far.

As seen in the video below, Ghost Recon: Wildlands will apparently be bigger than Ubisoft’s racing game The Crew, with the map showing the inclusion of a giant train graveyard, multiple airports, a couple of “MOB” locations—that is, “Main Operations Bases”—and a lot more. Plus, with the title’s story centering mainly around the Ghosts attempting to reign in some of Bolivia’s major drug cartels, a few of the organizations’ lieutenants are marked at various locations, with developers having spaced them out in order to force players into traversing as much of the map as possible.

Of course, since Ubisoft has yet to officially divulge any information involving Ghost Recon: Wildlands‘ map, it’s best to take the details from Open World Games with a grain of salt, as the idea of the map seen above could change entirely before the title’s release. Bearing this in mind, fans ought to receive plenty more specifics about the open world shooter’s backdrops and terrains in the next couple of weeks, as developers have promised a closer look at the game at E3 2016.

In any event, with only a slight amount of concrete news available for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, it’s safe to say that there are a lot of fans who consider it to be one of the most anticipated games for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Hopefully, Ubisoft will be able to deliver the goods once the event rolls around on June 14.

What do you think about the map size for Ghost Recon: Wildlands? Does it appear to be large enough, or could Ubisoft stand to add more areas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is currently without an official release date, but will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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