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FromSoftware is Currently Working on Three New Games

FromSoftware is Currently Working on Three New Games. One Could Be the Successor of Bloodborne.

According to 4Gamer.net, FromSoftware, the famous studio behind the Dark Soul series is currently working on three new titles. 

If my translator serves me right, it appears that one of these titles is somehow a dark fantasy action role-playing game which is similar to Dark Souls but with a twist. Possibly, we could be seeing something like Bloodborne in the future. 

The second project is described by the devs as a reboot, which is likely to be Armored Core. Now Fromsoftware's game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has expressed his love in creating mech series in the past so probably, a future Armored Core game makes sense. However from what I've read, the article suggests that the devs will not make any remake of their past game. Instead, they'll take some ideas from their past game and then bring something new. So basically, it's we are not 100% sure yet if it will be an Armored Core title.

The third game is somehow interesting. As from what I've read, it is something "weird" and out of the organization's usual wheelhouse. What could it be? Well, they did not elaborate any further details in the interview, so at the moment, that leaves us guessing what will it be.

Now we all know that FromSoftware has a common friend that will be featuring some upcoming games on their E3 press conference. And that friend is Sony. We've seen some crazy announcement so far on E3 and possibly (just a really random guess), we can see Sony teasing a new Bloodborne from FromSoftware at the event. Well, who knows?

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