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Final Fantasy XV's Magic Customization, Wait Mode and More Featured in Live Stage Demo

For those Final Fantasy XV fans like me who are eagerly waiting for the game, I've got some more exciting news for you that will surely increase your hype for the game. During the half-hour presentation of Hajime Tabata on their live stage demo (which discusses on what sets FFXV on the "Leading Edge", a lot of information has been revealed.

Most of the information focuses on discussing the nitty-gritty details about the features of the game that we already knew. But there are three major announcement made by Tabata which are new to our ears.

First is that they have revealed the magic customization of FFXV. According to Tabata, players will be able to draw magic from certain locations in the open world, and then they can combine different spells to create a new one. The demo which you can watch later below showed off a combination of fire spell and heal spell, which basically heals the caster when using the fire spell.

Also, Tabata presented the other two major reveals during a section called "Bonus Content" which basically shows the Titan's full summon animation, lobbing a giant boulder to the enemies.

The last big announcement that Tabata discussed was about their feedback from last year's Episode Duscae on the use of full action combat. He revealed that the game will feature the Wait Mode from past Final Fantasy games. After players set combat to Wait, whenever they stop pressing buttons the screen will freeze and a Wait timer will appear on the bottom screen. Players can then choose to attack certain enemies or perform abilities. The action commences after the player confirms their attack. Tabata assured watchers that it is not just an easy mode, but a mode of play that emphasizes tactical thinking as opposed to split-second action.

You can watch the full presentation below. Take note that the video is unedited and it's very long. The presentation starts at 27:20 and if you want to see the info above in action, then just refer to this timings:
  • Magic Customization- starts @ 46:00
  • Titan Full Summon Animations- starts @ 52:10
  • Wait Mode- starts @ 52:53.

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