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Early Details for Destiny's Rise of Iron Expansion Leaked

So we are just moments away from the official live stream of Bungie, in which they will reveal details on their Rise of Iron expansion.

But before the stream, we get to know some early information about the DLC. The guys over planetdestiny has some really brief but really interesting info about the DLC. It looks like it will have
a new raid, increase the max light level, new quests, new armors, new weapons and more.

Now one proof that these new content will appear on the Rise of Iron expansion is that Destiny has already an ad on google. However, the ad seems to have been taken down very early, but multiple sources have already come forward and let Kotaku know that development of a new raid began from scratch last Summer, and reportedly will “center around the Fallen with a twist.”

With all those good news, I know you are pretty excited with Rise of Iron. But wait, there's another leaked image (Well, I don't know if it's leaked and I just claim it as leaked as it is not officially shared by Bungie.LOL) that showing us the release date of the DLC, which is September 20th and, hints players that the expansion will only be available for PS4 and Xbox One. With that being said, it seems that older consoles will be unable to play the expansion. However, take note that this is just only a speculation at the moment as this is not official. More of this will be reveal at the stream.

For the meantime, it is safe to say that these features will possibly come out in Rise of Iron DLC but for now, let's just wait for the official live stream of Bungie to see if all these stuff will be there. 

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