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Bungie is Doing Their Best to Build Destiny Content Faster

Now we all know that Destiny have experienced a drought in content. Fans demand new PvE zones, new challenges and other new stuff for Destiny but, Bungie took a lot of time in giving what their fans wants. However, that may change in the future.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Rise of Iron Creative Director Chris Barett said that they are doing their best to build new contents for their fans to enjoy. "We're going to give players as much as we can, " he said, “build tools to make content quicker and focus on what the best and most impactful experiences are for players. We’re also learning as we go. I think we’re getting better at building Destiny, releasing content quicker.”

Destiny has been given small content updates in recent months but we think those are not enough. Giving things like Festival of the Lost or a new mode where you can race with other Guardians using your Sparrow will definitely not satisfy Destiny fans. We just hope that Destiny: Rise of Iron will live up to its hype, which is the main focus of Bungie right now.

Also in the interview, Barett also confirmed that they will not change the infusion process in Rise of Iron. It will still remain the same: Players can still infuse their favorite gears to their desired light level at a 100% rate. 

This is what he told the website, "There'll be no changes to infusion. We introduced that with Taken King and I think it's something players have really loved. So anything from Taken King will be able to be infused up to the new Light level, and it'll work the same way."

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