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Afterpulse Implemented New Weapons with the Latest Game Update.

Soldiers, prepare yourself for the latest Afterpulse update which introduced three new weapons, and two new veteran weapon upgrades. After downloading the update, players will be able to claim the new weapons through combining or by purchasing weapon crates. 

Veteran Weapons are some of the most powerful and rare weapons in game. In Afterpulse, weapons come in several different weapon grades such as standard, seasonal, veteran, and chrome. The veteran series is represent by a black and red coating on weapons, as well as increased in game stats.   

New Weapons

Afterpulse will continue to expand upon its growing collection of weapons by adding 5 new additions for players to obtain. Two of the new weapons will be veteran versions of the LMG AGK 37, and the SMG LSM 7. The three newest weapons are the AGL 660, a new grenade launcher, the TAVA XI, a new long range assault rifle, and the newest pistol being added is the TK7. 

Veteran LMG ‘AGK 37’

Veteran SMG ‘LSM 7’

Grenade Launcher: AGL 660

Assault Rifle: TAV XI 

Pistol: TK 7

Afterpulse is now available for download, for free on App Store.