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5 Star Wars: Episode VII Mysteries That's Left Unanswered Until Now

So I begun to be a Star Wars fanatic last year when I had watched the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After that, I decided to watch every Star Wars film there is so that I can connect the dots about the origins of each characters and every scenarios. After watching every SW film, there are still scenes in Episode VII that I don't get until now. So, I hope Star Wars geeks can enlighten me.

#1 Who the hell is Rey?

I mean, this character suddenly pops out of nowhere in the Star Wars universe. In all Star Wars movies I've watched, there's no single info about a Rey in the future of the series and the film does not even tell us who the hell she is. I'm really curious about her past as while watching the film, I'm really amazed that she is totally gifted with the force! She's a natural! She is an excellent pilot, a really bad ass mechanic, can fight well with the light saber and can use the force without formal training. I mean, that's too much talent just to consider her as an ordinary Jedi. Who is this girl really?!

All we know is that Rey's parents abandoned her on the dessert planet Jakku when she was a child. That's it. And the fact is, not even a single guardian has been with Rey in the film. So who raised her? I mean, she can't just survived on her own? This girl certainly is full of mystery.

#2 That big creepy hologram of Supreme Leader Snoke. Who is he by the way?

My reaction when he first appeared in the film was, "This ugly thing is huge! Oh! Ben just called him Supreme Leader?! WTF!. Well at first I thought that was him until a certain scene reveals that, that was only a holographic image of him.

Anyway, here's another thing that I'm curious about: WHO IS SUPREME LEADER SNOKE? All I know is that he is an old geezer with scar issues on his face. That's what I know about him so far.

However, many suggests that Snoke is actually the surviving form of Darth Plagueis, the same Sith Lord that was described to Anakin Skywalker during Revenge of the Sith. Now, there's a scene on Rogue One's trailer that suggests that we might possibly see Snoke or Plagueis being suspended in a Bacta Tank (the same tank we saw Luke in during The Empire Strikes Back). Just by knowing that, I think Snoke's past will be reveal on Rogue One too (just like what I assumed earlier about Rey's past). But until then, Stoke's still a mystery for me.

#3 The origin of the first Jedi Temple map

At first I was wondering on why the hell did someone has a map to Luke Skywalker when he don't want to be found at all! However, it turns out that the map which leads to Luke isn't really intended to find the location of Luke. It was the location of the first Jedi Temple where Luke retreated after Kylo Ren killed his students. It also seems like a safe assumption that the Empire and the Sith of the past would have destroyed all the Jedi temples (and records of their locations) that they came across.

So the real question now is how did this map survive? If the map wasn't from the past, then perhaps we can assume that Luke made it himself. All we know is that Lor San Tekka had part of the map, but he's not a Jedi. He could have been working with Luke as some type of researcher/historian, but we're not sure how he could have found that knowledge, unless Luke gave it to him.  Don't forget, Luke can communicate with Force Ghosts, and may have learned of the temple's location from the great beyond, resulting in Luke splitting the map in half between Tekka and R2-D2 for the Resistance to unite, so the First Order couldn't find him (or the temple) in the event that one of them was caught.

#4 How in the world did Maz Get Luke's Lightsaber?

We all know that Luke dropped his light saber during his fight against Darth Vader on The Empire Strikes Back (Well he did not really drop it as Darth Vader literally chopped Luke's arm while it's still holding the light saber). Think of this, if the weapon fell out of the Cloud City entirely, like Luke almost did, then the weapon would be near impossible to find. That's because the planet of Bespin below Cloud City is a gas giant. So how in the world did Maz Kanata get luke's lightsaber?

Referring to Maz Kanata, all I know is that she is Force-sensitive. She's somehow in tune with the Force, though it's not clear if she ever received any Jedi training. I have heard of a Force Awakens scene that didn't make it into the movie which shows her taking out a group of Stormtroopers with the Force. Is it possible that she was able to zero-in on the lightsaber due to her affinity with the Force? We could imagine a younger Maz working as a custodian in Cloud City where she just happens to feel an urge to check out a random ventilation shaft filter to find the saber stuck inside. But that's a theory. I really don't know what happened back then and I really want to know.

#5 The Good stormtrooper Fin

Now I've watched every single Star Wars movie and I have not seen a single Star trooper turned goody-goody! Which leads me to my final mystery: Why the heck is Fin the only stormtrooper to question his actions and go against the First Order?

We all know that FN-2187 was taken from his family at a young age to receive First Order training. But we don't know about his mother, his father or to sum it up, his past. Why am I so curious about his past you say? Like I've said earlier I have never seen a stormtrooper turned good aside from Fin. So, I'm really curious to know about Fin's background. What if he is a Jedi too? Sweet!

So that's it guys. If you know something about my queries, then please share your insights on the comment box below.


  1. On the first part is the biggest mystery in the Star Wars Universe currently no one knows anything about Ray and they wanted it like that, on second one snow could have been one of the Inquisition they had a very slick membership and all of them were least sensitive with the force if not full force users all trained in the dark side if you look at the you think we should it was a really badass organization and they were one of the only ones allowed to have the force the emperor upheld the rule of two very well with the exception of Inquisition because Stormtroopers aren't that good against Jedi and Vader can't be everywhere at once, on the third one the emperor if you look in the EU is very much a history buff and this is just like the Jetta I believe knowledge is power it makes no sense to destroy knowledge if it can be used for your own benefit and the emperor is one of the smartest guys in the Star Wars universe. If you look in the year there's tons of evidence that the emperor after he took power Cent almost every holocron of the Jedi Temple to the palace and some far-off region of the Galaxy all for his personal records he had records of Seth and all that s*** now on for scopes for a Jedi to be before it goes he has to have years of training to prepare his soul basically to be a force ghost because that I believed it then you are a part of the force while this cyst to be a force does he have to be so full of rage and turmoil that you basically not allow yourself to die so there's potentially Forest goes everywhere of death but not so many Jedi it's a really really rare thing for a Jedi to not become one with the force, now I'm number four if she is for sensitive that is perfectly fine most people who went to the Jedi Temple did not make it to full Jedi most of them are forces at work within the old Republic's government system such as farming managers to diplomats to whatever a lot of most of the for sensitive didn't become Jedi it's a rare thing even for the temple what is a Jedi but another thing she was not the only one who was on visit she is was like 700 years old in the movie that you said that so she's been running that place for a long time remind yourself of that, I am sure on number five that more than just fit has rebelled is just the one case that escaped they have an entire division in the first order dedicated to reconditioning Stormtroopers who wake up basically you just don't see it and for the Empire Stormtroopers same thing a lot of them or just normal citizens who were recruited into the Empire another half of them were clones another part of them were actually loyalists to the Empire Imperial Stormtroopers working longer with a lot of things I'm sure they had their troubles too just look at Kyle katarn for example you look if you're including the EU stuff which I don't know if you are he rebelled from the Empire he was originally trained as a stormtrooper rebelled and did a lot of bad ass s*** so he finally joined up with Luke now on his history he was taken before he could remember he was a baby all the more so he has no memory of his parents and his parents are really important thing in the movie unlike Ray don't give a f*** about his parents


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