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Why Soul of Eden is One of My Most Anticipated Mobile Game This 2016

Are you tired of playing Clash Royale? Then I got a good news for you. Via youtube, I've spotted a really interesting game which will be coming on both iOs and android devices later this year. From what I've seen, it combines the elements of a real-time strategy, MOBA and CCG in one game and, from what I've seen, it looks like it's being developed by Rayark Games.

For those who doesn't know Rayark Games yet, then let me shed a little knowledge about them. To put it simple and short, they are the one who developed Implosion which is in my opinion a very creative game which combines and amazing story-telling element along with amazing graphics, superb gameplay and a really engaging sound effect.

Now that you know a thing or two about them, let's get back to the game that I was introducing to you awhile ago. Okay, so the name of the game is Soul of Eden.

Soul of Eden tells the story of 2 opposing sides made of 6 different clans, all striving for their individual beliefs and means of survival, which eventually leads to inevitable war. Clans belonging inside the Eden Kingdom are Juphord, Veritas, and Saarn; while forming the Nod Federation outside borders are Turing, Badener, and Lurkein, all clenching fists and rolling up sleeves in preparation to fight.

If you want to see a glimpse of the game, then go watch the video below:

As you can see on the trailer above, it looks like the game will cater a yugi-oh like gameplay wherein the characters are in visual cards that have life of their own. Well yes Clash Royale has the same concept but in my opinion I think Soul of Eden has more edge in terms of visualization.

Some of the units you can see above are:

Selamod: As a high level apostle, Selamod harbors mighty soulstone magic power that can launch missiles powerful enough to knock down walls, penetrate soldiers' armor, and even paralyze the energy source for quantum life forms.

Felicity: Also an apostle of the Juphord clan, Felicity has a pair of abnormally bulging petrified claws; anyone who stands in her way shall be ripped to shreds or beat to pieces. It is said that a serene smile was once seen upon her face, but the rumor lacking evidence was soon forgotten.
Kerumba: A humongous warrior of Veritas with a soulstone core and a body of man made materials and steel. It's strong body seemingly able to take on any attack, a super soldier with a very high health levels and AOE abilities.

Executioner: the 3rd generation artificial lifeform  created by Kulen, guardian of the Turing Clan, boasting complex independent thinking abilities and destructive power that will strike terror right into the heart of enemies. As his weapon is shaped like a giant sickle, the Eden Kingdom refers to him as the Grim Reaper, and can also cast a surrounding shield of light absorbing damage.

Triton: "Love and Peace" is the classic motto of Triton, Second Army Chief to the Nod Federation. Besides training new recruits his favorite pastime is weight training; due to diligent training Uncle Triton acquired a burly figure and mental toughness, after attacking he will cast an AOE heal.

Ravka: Inside their bodies chemical reactions are constantly undergoing like a biofactory, so everyone in the Lurkein clan prefers to keep their distance. From the poisonous substances and striking colors released upon self explosion, most would avoid keeping a pet like this.

Gameplay-wise, as you can see on the video, well nitty-gritty details are pretty vague at the moment but I'm pretty sure that its gameplay will be more like Clash Royale. But I am hoping for a twist. And as always, keep your eyes peeled as we will give you more updates about this game.

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