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Toughness & Armor in The Division Conflict Update Explained

Although Massive showed a new stat on The Division called Toughness on their livestream, they don't actually talk about it or explain it. So today we will try to shed some light about this new stat.

In the current version of the game, players can expect in firearms stamina or electronics to boost their damage their health or their skill power. With the 1.2 update nothing will change in that area. Stamina will still be only use to increase your health. The only difference is that the health statistics itself can now be seen at the character type next to the protection of elite and exotic damage resilience. And instead of the health, Toughness will now take place in your inventory menu. 

So what is Toughness?

Toughness is a combination of your health and your current armor to more accurately represent how tanky your character really is. So if you want more toughness you will still have to either increase your health or your armor.

Now, you may wonder on how does this new stat exactly works or how does the game come up with this number and most importantly, what is the best way to get your toughness as high as possible.

To start off, take a look at the image above. As you can see, the player has 68.52% armor and his health is at 76, 830 and then the toughness which is calculated at 244,034. The question you have probably right now is how did he get into the toughness of 244k but to answer that question we need to take at how armors really work.

To begin with, let's take two players with both 100k health. But one guy has 50% armor and the other guy has 0% armor. Now the guy with the 50% armor will obviously can take twice the amount the damage before he dies. The 50% that the damage that he gets is mitigated so the bullets that will hit for a thousand damage will only hit him for 500. You could say that the player with 50% armor mitigation is twice as tough as someone with 0% armor mitigation. And that is exactly what we see back in the toughness statistics because 100k health and 50% armor, the toughness will be 200k.

Now if you wanna know how high your toughness will be at a certain health or a certain armor percentage, here's the formula:

Health / (100- Armor%) x 100 = Toughness

For example, we can take the statistic from the guy on the picture above.

76839 / (100 - 68.52) x 100 = 244, 060

Well it's not exactly the same but I think the reason for that is his numbers were rounded.  

The thing with armor is it gets higher because it's not skill linear. The closer you get to 100% armor mitigation, the more value you get per percentage.

You can check out the graph below which illustrates how valuable Armor in increasing your toughness:

Let's say that the player has a 100k health which is quite a lot and doable for an average player. 

Focus on the horizontal lime which is the Armor percentage. The vertical one is the toughness. With a 0 % armor, the player will have 100k toughness which is the same amount as his health. But that basically starts to change when you can more armor. Below 25% armor doesn't give that much of toughness to your character but, once you get closer to 100%, let's say 75%, you will have +114k toughness. And a quick reminder, you have only 100k HP at the moment. Just imagine how much more it can give when you have more HP. 

The conclusion is, if you want a tanky character in the game then the best way to get it is to max out your armor. Why not max out health instead?

Let's say we have two player; Player 1 has 100k health with 75% armor while Player 2 has 140k health and has 65% armor. Now let's see who is tougher:

Player 1:

100,000 / (100-75) x 100 = 400,000 toughness

Player 2:

140,000 / (100-65) x 100 = 400,000 toughness

As you can see, both has 400k toughness but as you can see, player 1 has lower health but has 10% more armor than player 2 which I think is pretty much cost-effective against a 40k difference of HP.

So that's all about it guys! Hope you have learn from this post and for more Tom Clancy's: The Division tips and news, come and join our facebook gaming community @ facebook.com/webjunkiesblog.