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This is Why You Should Not Neglect Skill Power in The Division

So I bumped into this youtube vid by Jesimein Gaming which basically demonstrate how skill power could be OP in the game and why you should not neglect increasing it.

Check out the image below which shows you an example of Electronic Build carnage:

Many agents now would go full DPS build which is basically a glass-cannon build. As you all know, the trade off to running a 200k-500k DPS or even higher will be lower health and lower SP. The lower SP is not that kind of an issue but, the low HP part is. And when you see the video below, you'll definitely want that HP to go higher than 70k, specially when you're facing a guy running an Electronic Build.

So, better watch the video below:

Pretty insane right?! Watch him own those rogues in one BFB! That's ridiculous! Surely, you witness absolute destruction!

Now, I know that you're wondering how can I obtain this kind of fire power...Well, there's no nitty-gritty details on the build but, Jesimein did gave some valuable insights on how to build your character this way.

He noted that his build stats were:
  • 101 DPS ( 2 sentrys call + 112% crit)
  • 103k Health (Reckless chest + 65% mitigation)
  • 45k Skill Power (3 Tacticians Authority + 39% Skill haste & 16% sticky damage)
If you still want a nitty-gritty guide though, then you can head to our page on how to build an electronic build later.

So now you know why you should never neglect your electronics and, you now know that you should not mess around with guys running this build (you can be that guy too).

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