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The One Shot Multiple Kill Sticky Bomb Build in Tom Clancy's: The Division

So I got inspired by this guy below and decided to create my own electronic build which can go solo in DZ and go head-to-head with a crow of agents.

This build that I will be sharing with you today  is one of my favorite build. This build is an electronic build which focuses on the sticky bomb ability and this is great while playing solo in the dark zone. This build will allow you to give high burst damage which ultimately kills enemies before they even get a chance to heal. The high skill power thanks to the large amount of electronics allows you to have high amount of healing capability too. This build also allows you to go head-to-head against a group of enemies, especially in extraction and believe me, this build can be unbelievably OP.

Now that you get the idea, let's move on to the details of this build.

For the abilities:

Sticky Bomb and First Aid.

All gears are recalibrated to give the sticky bomb the most damage and blast radius. That combine with high skill power often results to high amount of damage when use in the BFB modification. With my damage output currently at 203k and a radius of 5.29 meters and a cooldown of only 42.5 seconds. When using the BFB sticky bomb you want to open the fight a bit as in that way, you'll be off cooldown as your fighting. Secondly, make sure you hit the target. Don't rush to throw the sticky bomb as it may result to a miss and will completely waste your sticky bomb. It is also much easier to aim for the floor where the agent(s) is at and don't directly aim it on them.   Thirdly, make the most of choke points so your enemy can only move towards or away from you. If you can do this, you can greatly increase the chance of landing that perfect sticky bomb.

Alternative ability:

Alternatively, you might want to use the flash modification. This deals some damage while blinding, staggering and disrupting the enemy making enemies unable to use abilities for a short period of time. It's also effective against crowd of NPCS and this is recommended while playing in a squad.

For the first aid ability I would like to use overdose as it makes healing very effective and this also grants overheal if your health is near or at full health. With my overdose healing with my 50,007 health and a cooldown of 27 seconds. Even popping this ability in the start of the fight could be good too. You might waste a small portion of the heal but the overheal will give you an advantage at the start of the fight and while fighting, you allow that ability to cooldown too.

As for the signature skill I personally like to use Survival Link when playing solo. This increase damage resistant by 8 percent and increases movement speed by 30%. This can often save you life! That way if you start taking damage too you can pop it sometimes you can turn around and drop the enemies. It is also very useful when you are outnumbered and you need to retreat or you just need to get that kill.

For the Talents:

I like to use Chain Reaction. This talent turns the BFB modification into a WMB modification. If you damage multiple hostiles with an explosion, you will deal 40% more damage from the blast. So my current 200k damage will give an additional estimated 280k damage before resilience is applied. So if a bunch of agent stacks in one area and you hit them with a sticky bomb, it will surely result to multiple tangos down.

The second talent I often use is critical save..  This allows for more survival as it increases the damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds. This talent can really save your life and result in a turn around if you're in a fight. Just make sure you don't wait too long to use your medikit or you'll end up being dead.

My third talent is the favorite among many agents out there and it's called One is None. Unfortunately this talent has issues but it's soon to be fixed. When using one is none, if you land a headshot to a target you'll get 50% chance of not the bullet. This amazing talent allows you to land more shots before you need to reload and this is specially useful when using a vector that has a lower magazine size than an SMG. This is also great as all the time you'll be using less ammo too just remember, make those headshots count.

My final talent will be adrenaline in the Dark Zone adding to the defensive aspect of this build. It allows those medkits to overheal which basically gives you full health just like the overdose ability.

Alternatively, I might use Steady Hands when using black market Ak47 assault rifle as my secondary. This give you 25% recoil reduction for 10 seconds after entering a cover. So you can get into a cover in every start of a fight and every 10 seconds after. This results in less recoil and hitting more shots on target and increase damage dealt.

And my final option is sometimes the talent On The Move. This gives 30% damage reduction in 10 seconds when you kill a hostile while moving. I like to use this when in a squad with friends or playing solo farming NPC's. It allows you to keep in the move without to wait for your skill making you more time efficient.

For my choice of weapon:

Primary weapon

First Wave Vector 45 ACP. I use the vector simply because it has one of the highest amount of damage per bullet. This shot dealing devastating damage at a high fire rate of 750 rpm. It has decent accuracy and manage-able range too. Hence it's one of most popular SMG in the game. The main downside to the vector is its magazine. This means you need to reload more often and you can't afford to miss, and you can't really engage a hostile for longer durations. This make a vector have a lower sustainable damage over SMG's. But that's okay, because this fits this build with burst damage.

You can roll brutal on this weapon which can increase 24.5% damage, responsive which will also increase the damage by 13.5% when your 10 meters close to the enemies and skilled which grants increases your signature skill resources by 11.5% when you gain a headshot.

For weapon attachment you can have a micro red dot sight which increases the headshot damage by 21% and critical hit chance by 7.5%. An Extended magazine is a must to increase the magazine size by 100.5% and critical hit damage by 37%. On the barrel, a PEQ-15 laser is recommended which will give you 31.5% hip fire accuracy which is great for those close range engagement and an additional stability of 49%. In addition, you can also attach a Muzzle Brake to increase the stability by 37% and critical hit damage by 34%.

For secondary weapon:

Go with the custom m44. This way you'll be effective in close ranges with your vector and long range with your m44 sniper. This will allow you to pick off a group of enemies at distance withouy putting yourself at risk. The m44 has one of, if not the highest damage per shot of all the sniper rifle. Although the fire rate is not fast than the m1a but the fact is, the m1a has more recoil and unpredictable as it bounces side to side.

For the talent of this sniper, you should go with Deadly for the increase of critical hit damage by 26%. Also, Talented is a decent choice and, you can also equip coolheaded which reduces skill cooldown by 5.5% after getting a headshot.

Moving on to the attachments, you can use Mk4 M5A2 scope which gives you 15 magnification scope. This make it really great for long range engagement allowing you to get maximum precision on your shots. It also both increases the headshot damage by 21.5% and the optimal range by 21.5% also. In addition, the extended mag will give you more ammo which will basically gives you more sniping time and it also incrase you critical hit damage by 31%. Then you can equip Handstop to increase your accuracy by 20.5% and initial bullet stability by 36%. And finally the Muzzle Break which gives you more stability and critical hit damage.

For sidearm:

You can use a double barrel shotgun because you'll definitely want something that packs a punch. After emptying your mag on your vector you can switch to this to finish off your target. For the talent you can roll destructive which increases the armor destruction value by 18% when using your shotgun. Also, you can have the vicious talent and lastly, you can have the Talented which increases your skill power by 8% for 13 seconds after killing an enemy.

For Gears and Mods

Keep in mind that stats vary on each craft so it's unlikely that you'll be able to replicate this build exactly. In addition, do note that gear is always being replace and change. So now, let's proceed to the gear and mods of this build and why to pick it.

The chestpiece would be the Tactician Authority Vest. I like it mainly as it has good armor and stamina. I also love its major attributes and the ammo capacity increase makes it further a good choice. In terms of the skill attributes, roll it with the sticky bomb increase damage (obviously).

For the gloves, I also equip the Tactician's Authority gloves too. These have electronic stats such as SMG damage, critical hit chance and damage to elites which is perfect for my Vector and of course, the skill attributes is the sticky bomb attribute again.

Note: Having two tactician will give you that set bonus of 4,000 skill power.

As for the mask, I use the Sentry's Call Mask with electronics and some stamina stats on there as well. And the skill attribute being the increase sticky bomb explosion radius. It also has a mod slot which I have equipped with Prototype Stamina Mod to increase my stamina and crit hit chance.

As for my knees, I got the Striker Knee pad which has some decent armor, and some fire arm and stamina are there too. In here, I use the prototype stamina mod which gives me 153 stamina and 3% skill haste.

For the backpack I use the Striker's Pack. This is the only decent backpack I got at the moment. It didn't exactly fit this build perfectly, but it does give me a little more DPS on my character a little bit. Once again don't forget to have the sticky bomb explosion radius on the skill attribute. This also have a prototype stamina mod with 148 stamina and almost sixteen hundred skill power as well.

Note: If you have two Striker gear, you get a 20% Enemy Armor Damage

And finally for the Holster, I got the Nomad holster. This is the only decent holster I have at the moment but it has some really nice stat and the +9% sticky bomb damage is perfect for this build. I also got the prototype stamine mod on this which gives me 136 STA and 1,352 SP. However, you can modify this with a Tactician's Holster for the set bonus.

So that's all about it guys. Take note that I don't claim this to be the best electronic build but so far, I'm enjoying my current build as I just love how the sticky bomb can overpower those agents in one big blow! I will add some video soon here so keep your eyes peeled!

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