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The Division: Balanced Build for PvP (395k Toughness 30k SP 60% EDR) and PvE Solo DZ06/Team Support (40k SP) Build

Balanced build for PvE in DZ06 201+, even solo. Focused on Pulse and Smart Cover for high damage output and damage resistance with healing on crits from Self-preserved. In a team it's extremely powerful support build. Soloing DZ06 is very possible when playing carefully to avoid being surrounded by too many enemies and keeping the distance from flamethrowers. With just one more person (usually DPS/stamina build) running first aid and CC skill (flashbang or gas mine) it's much easier and much faster.

  • 258k Toughness, ~70k Health, ~73% Armor, 40k Skill power
  • 4 pieces Sentry's Call, 2p Tactician's Authority
  • 3000 Firearms (knee pads, backpack, gloves, holster), that's the lowest value I could get because all Sentry's pieces roll with firearms, all 240 gear except 214 knee pads, still looking for replacement with armor, slot, burn and shock resistance
  • 2300 Stamina (vest, mask), providing around 70k health, kinda low but it doesn't matter that much when using Smart Cover
  • 1900 Electronics (holster, gear mods with +SP and +armor), basically only to unlock Coolheaded weapon talent on pistol
  • SMG with Self-preserved for a source of healing when playing without First Aid and no Combat Medic talent that destroys Smart Cover
  • High RPM pistol (PF45) with Coolheaded, the lower gear score the better because talent requirements are lower, mainly used for skill cooldown reduction and to quickly mark enemies for full Sentry buff (extra 52% damage) and switch to other weapon which combined with already high damage from pulse and smart cover results in extremely high DPS, heavies drop in matter of seconds, in a team sometimes you may end up using just a pistol
  • smart cover recharger mod and pulse tactical scanner, with high 40k skill power pulse provides about 30-35% crit chance, 75-80% crit damage, smart cover about 46% damage buff and 66% resistance
Balanced build for PvP. 

  • 395k Toughness, ~100k Health, 74% Armor, 31k Skill power, 60% Exotic damage resilience, 38% burn resistance, 28% shock resistance
  • 2 piece Sentry's Call, 2p Tactician's Authority, 2p Final Measure
  • 2700 Firearms (backpack, gloves, holster, two gear mods), only to reach 2579 for weapon talents, that provides some serious base damage
  • 3400 Stamina (vest, mask, knee pads, two gear mods), provides about 100k health which is quite good with armor close to 75%
  • 1100 Electronics (holster), the main source of 30k Skill power is +SP on mask, backpack, 2p Tactician's bonus and gear mods
Recommended weapons to use (very far from god rolls):
  • SMG 182 AUG with Self-preserved/Destructive - Destructive is amazing, I wouldn't trade it even for Brutal, Deadly or Responsive

  • Shotgun 204 M870 with Responsive/Destructive/Ferocious - it's practically god roll for PvE, 2 shots to kill lvl 34 elite snipers/rushers in DZ06 

  • Sniper rifle 204 M1A with Toxic/Deadly 170% headshot bonus - second roll I've got, didn't try to craft again, it's really good for support

  • AR 204 Lightweight M4 with Stable/Self-preserved/Vicious - with 51% horizontal stability and 2 more stability mods there's almost no horizontal recoil like in LVOA-C 

  • LMG 204 L86 with Brutal/Destructive - it's amazing how good this gun is both for PvE and PvP, damage comparable to ARs but with higher base headshot damage (currently sitting at 222%), with mods it's accurate and stable as hell so it's best to mod it with RoF mag, much better than ARs to use on the move

  • Pistol 182 PF45 with Coolheaded:

Below are the screenshots of the builds gears.

First PvE build:

Vest (566 ST, +155 EL +1441 SP, 155 EL +1596 SP):

Mask (675 ST, 144 EL +1486 SP, major bonus +4855 SP):

Knee pads (545 FA, 156 EL +1354 SP):

Backpack (672 FA, 154 EL +159 Armor, +6567 SP):

Gloves (652 FA):

Holster (632 FA, 569 ST, 604 EL): 

Second PvP build, different gear mods:

Vest (mods 153 ST +1601 SP, 160 FA +1413 SP): 

Mask (mod 160 ST +159 Armor):

Knee pads (647 ST): 

Backpack (mod 134 FA +1561 SP):

Holster (645 FA, 657 ST, 617 EL): 

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Credits: Special thanks to Trzebiat for sharing his build.