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The Division Agent Finished Clear Sky Within 5 Minutes. Here's Some Tips on How.

So yesterday, we've posted here some tips on how to finish the new incursion Clear Sky in under 10-15 minutes which is the fastest at that moment. But today, we will be sharing another Clear Sky speed run but this time, these agents just do the run within 5 minutes! Yes! 5 minutes!

Redditor engineer_chris and his squad basically killed it and you can watch the video below on how they do it that fast:

They picked up a few tricks along the way to help speed the run up (No cheesing, legit strats).
  • Run two, or three, attack signatures with one defensive. Rotate the attack signatures for the first bomb wave, second bomb wave then the end mission boss.
  • It is possible to avoid all of the final wave mobs in the first area, you can run through the tunnel after breaching straight away.
  • You can activate the first laptop without being seen if you run up the left of the statue, so long as the mob on the left is turned around.
  • Have 2 skill power builds in the group, these will be picking up the fuses as using the booster shot will not make you drop the fuses, unlike a medkit.
  • 2 each side works on both areas for clearing, and is essential if you want the fuses to be placed at the same time.
  • Pop both survivor and attack signatures when the boss jumps down for an easy kill, then clear up as normal.
  • USE CONSUMABLES!!! seriously... just do it!
  • If you need to ult while moving the fuse, walk backwards as the speed buff won't work walking forwards.
  • Speed running for this incursion is not recommended for people under 200 Gear score, however some tips can still be applied!
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