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Rogue or Manhunt: Which is More Rewarding in The Division

So there has been a lot of questions lurking on every The Division community on what are the XP rewards and stakes of going Rogue in the game. Well after some various testing done by many agents, we think that they have finally cracked the code.

So before we go ahead and see the results of these testing, let's discuss first on why the heck should you bother knowing what are the XP rewards and stakes of going rouge? The answer is you could possibly determine on whether to go rogue or not. It's just a matter of preference on whether to go rogue or manhunt and this page will help you decide. However, ever we also know that you have your reasons on going manhunt or rogue so in the end, you have the decision.

So now let's go back to the topic in hand. First set of testing that we will show you is from redditor Linkinito. His findings where that DZ LOSSES ARE BASED ON YOUR LEVEL AND NOT ON YOUR TOTAL XP AMOUNT. He did not talked about specific rogue xp rewards and stakes but his findings were the basis on cracking the code. 

He stated that the XP loss is based on your total amount of XP. This is why you lose so much when going Rogue in the high DZ levels. As an example, if you get killed after just passing rank 40 (320k DZXP) :
  • You lose 6.4k XP as a neutral (by getting killed by mobs or rogue agents)
  • You lose 16k XP as a rogue level 0 (accidental shooting of a neutral agent)
  • You lose 19.2k XP as a rogue level 1 (when you bring a neutral agent down)
  • You lose 32k XP as a rogue level 5 (full-on manhunt on you).
He also reminded that a lvl 30 mob kill in the DZ roughly gives you 200 XP counting some XP bonuses. At level 40, you need 80 to 100 mob kills to recover from an accidental rogue status that got you killed.
Compare it if you're level 15 (17.7k DZXP):
  • You lose 354 XP as a neutral
  • You lose 884 XP as a rogue level 0
  • You lose 1,061 XP as a rogue level 1
  • You lose 1,769 XP as a rogue level 5
So roughly 5 mob kills. That's a huge difference.

He also claimed that losing that much XP is not a problem when you are the target of a manhunt and when you go rogue intentionally. However, the penalty at level 0 is still incredibly huge and can happen in a lot of gunfights. So he suggests that to balance it out, the penalty at level 0 should be the same as neutral.

So with these findings, he then concluded that becoming a rogue is more recommended that going for the manhunt. This fact was also seconded by another redditor named wilfersting

On his testings, he found out that the Rogue Reward system is base of a % of your XP needed to upgrade to the next level. For Example: If you are 66 and need to go to level 67 you would need 68,105 XP.

This 68,105 is then used to decide how much you will receive from going rogue or dying as rogue (And non-rogue) Please see the following table.

Rogue RankRewardsTimerStake
Rank 17%909.5% + 2 keys
Rank 29%12012.5% + 3 keys
Rank 311%16014.5% + 4 keys
Rank 413%24017% + 5 keys
Rank 515%30020% + 6 keys

Looking at the table above, basically, if you are level 66, going rank 3 rogue and going off the timer, you will be rewarded (11%*68105) = Approx. : 7491 DZ Experience. However if you lose, you also lose (14.5%*68105) = Approx. : 9875 DZ Experience. 

Another fact that the table provide is that the higher you go in the Rank the lower the rewards is. So basically:
  • Rank 1 = 7% in 90 seconds meaning about 12.85 seconds to get 1% Rewards.
  • Rank 5 = 15% in 300 seconds meaning about 20 seconds to get 1% Rewards.
This means that someone going constantly Rank1 will level faster than someone going manhunt all the time. No sure is this makes sense.

So if we based our judgment on these testings and findings, we can conclude that going rogue will gain you more XP than manhunt. However, it's also risky as you'll definitely lose tons of XP when you die. However, once again, we are reminding you that in the end, it is still your preference that matters if you want to go rogue or manhunt.

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