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Preview of All New Dragon Nest Skill Awakening for All Classes

The information regarding skill awakening system has been found in the latest Dragon Nest CN/TW client. The skill icon, skill names and descriptions are extracted from the client; they are incomplete and may be changed during the official update.

Warrior Skill Awakening

Destroyer Skill Awakening

Assault Crash

Crash Mode

Maximize the strength of your arm and go into Crash Mode. Critical rate is increased significantly when you are in Crash Mode. Normal Attack – hit the ground and suck enemies towards you. Special Attack- charge to the front. Jump – curl your body and generate x [ Fury ] every x sec. Consume x [ Fury  ] to cast. Duration x sec.

Barbarian Skill Awakening



Moonlord Skill Awakening

Moon Blader

Smash X

Gladiator Skill Awakening

Side Dodge

Hyper Drive

Skill Names, Skill Description & Icon (unsorted)

Passive 4
Passive 5
Passive 6
Passive 7
Passive 8
Crash Mode
Raid Slash
[Awakened] Dash
[ Awakened ] Axe Mastery
[ Awakened ] Hammer Mastery

  • Killing enemies swiftly  while moving; press Normal attack + arrow keys while moving; consume [ physical bubble/counter ]
  • release massive physical energy and cast 4 consecutive charging strike; press normal attack 3 x after casting; consume [ physical bubble ]
  • When Brave hits, generate x [ physical bubble ]; reduce CD of Brave
  • When Provoking Slam hits, recover your HP slightly; recover x% of max HP
  • If you are not hit by enemies during Parry, press Normal attack to counter-attack nearby enemies.
  • Increase the damage of Triple Slash by x%, and slash 5 x instead.
  • Strengthen Normal Attack; generate strong sword aura when attacking enemies. Buff duration x sec.
  • Consume a huge amount of [ Magical Energy ] and deals a strong cross slash.
  • Generate tornadoes in 4 directions after casting Eclipse.
  • Provoking Slam is changed to AoE attack; CD is reduced significantly and damage is increase.
  • CD of Brave is reduced by x sec and increase the size of the tornado generated.  Tornado damage increase by 100%.
  • Tornado is generated after casting Moonlight Splitter.
  • Ignite the sword wave to damage surrounding enemies and strengthen the damage of tornadoes by x%. Increase all your attack by x% for x sec.
  • Unleash 3 sword waves/tornadoes forward after spinning rapidly on the same spot.
  • Front Shove does not move forward but recover your x % max HP on hit.
  • Reduce the CD and  casting time of Cyclone Slash.
  • Strengthen Normal Attack. Generate [ Magical Energy ] on hit. Buff duration x sec.
  • Stab into the target after a horizontal slash, and pull the enemies towards you. Apply x% damage increase debuff on the target, duration x sec.
  • Generate a huge tornado after spinning rapidly. The tornado can float enemies on hit and deal damage.
  • End the attack with a cross slash. Recover the CD of Moon Blade Dance on hit.
  • After receding, charge towards the target. Press Normal attack to strike another time and recover HP. Reduce crit resist by x%.

  • Swing the axe to deal 5 consecutive strikes. Press normal attack on last hit to cast Fury Mode Circle Swing without consuming [ Fury (Bubble) ]
  • Within the duration of the buff, [ unknown skill ] CD is reduced significantly. Generate x [ Fury bubble ] when [ unknown skill ] hits.
  • Increase crit rate by x% after equipping axe.
  • CD of Stomp is reduced by x sec. The 2nd shockwave knockdown enemies and deal massive damage. Slow effect is removed; superarmor break is increased.
  • CD of Demolition Fist is recovered by x sec when it hits.
  • Recovery 30% HP by casting Havoc Howl without consuming [ Fury ]
  • Within the duration of the buff, strengthen Normal Attack and change Normal Attack into 5-hit combo. Generate 5  [ Fury Bubble ] on hit.
  • Increase your strength by x% when equipping Hammer.
  • Increase the AoE and Superarmor break of Maelstrom Howl.  Reduce the CD and damage.
  • Charging Howl becomes a self-buff; added effect – increase own attack by x%
  • Stomp the ground with right foot to suck surrounding enemies towards you and deal damage. Generate a second shockwave to knockdown enemies.
  • Charge up power on right fist and punch enemies; Recover the CD of Demolition Fist by x sec on hit.
  • After charging up power, consume [Fury ] and roar; recover x% HP; become invincible while casting.
  • Gather up power and unleash it to deal massive damage to surrounding enemies. Consume 10 [ Fury ] . Damage received while casting is reduced by x%. Maelstrom Howl AoE is increased to m.
  • Release power to increase your own attack by x% and grant a damage absorption shell with durability x% of caster’s HP.  Consume x [ Fury]
  • Spinning in air after jumping. Generate a shock wave on landing and deal damage to surrounding enemies. Damage increase x%, CD recover x sec.
  • Strengthen Rolling Attack. Casting speed is increased; recover CD without consuming [ Fury ].
Archer Skill Awakening

Tempest Skill Awakening 

Punch Smash
Charged up power on your fist and punch enemies in front.

Hurricane Upper
Gather Air Current and use uppercut and knock back enemies.

Passive 1
Press Jump during attack to trigger Cancel Dash. Evade enemies attack and tumble forward. Cancel Dash CD is 5 sec.

Passive 2

Strengthen Tempest skills after Dash and Cancel Dash.
Kick Shot – launch more arrows.
Double Somersault Kick – Can be triggered by pressing Special attack during Dash
Spiral Vortex –  frontal range increase
Circle Shot – deal continuous damage
Punch Smash – can be cast instantly.
Hurricane Upper – the hurricane can move forward.

Passive 3
Recover the CD of Cancel Dash by x% when Cancel Dash is used.

Generate [ Air Current ] when hitting enemies with Hurricane Dance

Each hit of Twin Shot generate x [ Air Current ]. Twin Shot CD is removed. Somersault Kick can be triggered by pressing Special Attack after casting Binding Shot, Spiral Vortex, Cancel Dash, Punch Smash or Hurricane Upper

When you have x [ Air Current ], recover x% HP every x sec.

[ Air Current ] is generated faster during Spirit Boost.

Wind Walker Skill Awakening

Swift Attack
Charge forward and strike enemies.

Flash Kick
Kick enemies with lightning fast speed while airborne.

Passive 1
Wind Walker skill damage increase by x % during Show Time.

Passive 2
Gain [ Air Current (Bubble)] when Wind Walker skills hit enemies. Consume x [ Air Current ] to cast the skill. Charge forward and attack enemies continuously.

Passive 3
Gain x [ Air Current] when Blooming Kick hits enemies.

Passive 4
Remove the CD of Spiral Kick and its direction can be changed during casting. Press Normal Attack to chain Spiral Kick to Spirit Shot.

Reduce the CD of Blooming Kick when Cyclone Kick hits enemies.

Kick enemies at lightning speed after jumping; generate x [ Air Current ] per hit.

Spiral Kick can be triggered by Special attack after casting Cyclone Kick or Blooming Kick.

Generate [ Air Current ] on Wind Walker. Certain skills which are cast during Air Pounce or Spiral Kick are changed. Casting these skills will only consume [Air Current ] and not CD.
Blooming Kick – damage increase.
Cyclone Kick – consume [ Air Current ].
Rising Storm – cast instantly.
Eagle Dive – cast instantly.

Sniper Skill Awakening

Sliding Shot
Jump to evade enemies’ attack and glide forward while shooting arrows at enemies and knocking back the targets. Can be triggered by pressing Space Bar during any skills.

Become invisible and lower your aggro from surrounding enemies. Increase the damage of Siege Stance.

Passive 1
Siege Stance casting speed is increased and can be dispel by moving. The effect of other skills will be changed when they are cast during Siege Stance. Casting other skills will dispel Siege Stance.
Charged Shot – Shot x arrows without charging up but they cannot pierce enemies.
Arrow Shower  – lower the shot angle and shot to the front.
Aerial Chain Shot  – evade backwards while shooting the arrows.

Passive 2
Normal attack during Siege Stance reduces the CD of Charged Shot by 4 sec, Arrow Shower by 1 sec and Aerial Chain Shot by x sec.  Can shoot x arrows.

Passive 3
Shot Arrow Shower to the front, but the additional hits from Arrow Shower EX cannot be used.

Passive 4
Normal attack during Siege Stance reduces the CD of Charged Shot by x sec.

Passive 5
Increase the distance of Tumbling; Siege Stance CD is recovered by x% after Tumbling.

Siege Stance casting speed is increased and can be dispel by moving. The effect of other skills will be changed when they are cast during Siege Stance. Casting other skills will dispel Siege Stance.
Charged Shot  – Shot 2 arrows which cannot pierce enemies.
Arrow Shower – shot arrows to the front.
Aerial Chain Shot  – attack surrounding enemies without going airborne.

Induce Bleed status when Piercing Shot hits enemies. Bleed status deals x% physical damage over time, duration x sec.

Artillery Skill Awakening

Launch a magic bomb at a designated location. When it is strengthen to tracking effect, the damage and AoE are increased.”

Cyclone Harpoon
Throw harpoon to surrounding enemies and generate air current.

Passive 1
The CD’s of Tracking Arrow and Fatal Cannonade are reduced by x% during Sylph’s Aid buff.

Passive 2
Launch a magic bomb at a designated location. When it is strengthen to tracking effect, the damage and AoE are increased.

Passive 3
Cyclone Harpoon deals massive damage after Swift Shot hits enemies.

Passive 4
Increase attack by x% and movement speed by x% for x sec. Increase attack. Tracking Arrow and Fatal Cannonade CD are reduced by x%

Go into Aiming Stance. The effect disappears when you move. Each shot deals x% damage. Aim and launch x shot of arrow swiftly, but cannot pierce enemies

The attack speed of Rapid Shot is increased within x sec after Magic Arrow hits.

Increase the distance of Tumbling; attack speed is increased after tumbling.

Generate a force shield around Extension Core, slowing enemies and dealing damage to them; the damage of each hit is equal to 1 arrow shot.

Skill Names & Icons (unsorted)

Sniper Passive 1
Sniper Passive 1 – Sit Shot
Sniper Passive 1 – Sit Stance
Sniper Passive 1 – Shower
Sniper Active 1 – Block Strike
Sniper Active 2- Hide
Sniper Passive 2
Sniper Passive 3
Artillery Passive 1
Artillery Active 1
Artillery Active 2
Artillery Passive 2
Artillery Passive 3
Tempest Passive 1
Tempest Active 1
Tempest Passive 2
Tempest Passive 3
Wind Walker Passive 1
Wind Walker Active 1
Wind Walker Active 2
Wind Walker Passive 2
Wind Walker Passive 3
Tempest Passive – Run
Tempest Active –  Heavy Strike
Tempest  Passive – Crash
Running Screw
Fury Kick
Aerial Chain Shot (Aim)
Charged Shot (Aim)
Siege Stance (Awakened)
Kick Shot (Charge)
Sniper Awakened Skill 4A
[ Awakened ] Healing Wind
[ Awakened ] Spirit Boost (Air Current)
[ Awakened ] Rising Current
[ Awakened ] Air Current Generation
[ Awakened ] Spirit Boost (Hurricane)
[ Awakened] Twin Shot (Butterfly Effect)
[ Awakened] Twin Shot (Air Current)

Sorceress Skill Awakening

Elestra Skill Awakening

Glacial Field
Generate a freezing zone around yourself. Enemies within the freezing will receive damage and be frozen. Increase your movement speed within the freezing zone

Ice Cyclone
Summon an ice cyclone. When hitting enemies with frostbite inducing skills, gain [ Bubble ]. The cyclone lasts until all [ Bubble ] are consumed. The cyclone consumes x [ Bubble ] per second.

Passive 1
Shatter no longer dispel Frostbite or Frozen status; Shatter also has x%  chance to induce Frozen status for x sec.

Passive 2
The CD of Glacial Wave is removed on Glacial Zone. The AoE is increased after x sec and deal damage.

Passive 3
Icy shards CD can be charged/stored up to x  times; Blizzard Storm casting time is increased

Passive 4
Deal additional damage when you are using Frostbite skills on Frozen targets.

Passive 5
Deal damage to surrounding enemies with Frostbite and Frozen status. Reduce the movement speed of targets by x% for x sec.

Passive 6
Strengthen Ice Sphere. CD of ice sphere can be charged/stored on Glacial Zone up to x times.

INT +  x%; Ice Barrier CD is recovered by x sec when Ice elemental skills hit enemies.

Saleana Skill Awakening

Meteor Call
Summon a huge meteor; the impact site of the meteor produces hot steam and deals continuous damage. Press Normal attack to specify the location of the meteor impact.

Flame Burst
Gather fire energy around yourself and ignite it after a certain duration.

Passive 1
The casting time and CD of Ignite is reduced by x sec and the damage is increased by x%

Passive 2
Fire Wall generates fire waves which can slow the action speed of enemies on hit, duration x sec.

Passive 3
When Fire Wall and Ignite hit enemies, there is a chance to gain [ Fever (bubble) ]. Meteor Call and Flame Burst deal additional damage and consume [ Fever ]. Generate multiple impact with Meteor; generate multiple explosion with Blaze Storm

Passive 4
Launch fire waves to the surroundings, and reduce the action speed of targets. Induce x tick of Burn status, duration x sec.

Passive 5
Magnify the Burn damage of nearby enemies and trigger explosion.

Passive 6
Increase x% Fire elemental attack when Fire elemental skills hit enemies, duration x sec.

Majesty Skill Awakening

Gravity Rush
You turn into a Gravity Ball and charge forwards, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Deal explosive damage upon contact with other gravity balls.

Focus Gravity
Gravity balls will be focused to a specific location and deal explosive damage.

Passive 1
When Gravity Ball and Triple Orbs deal damage, the gravity balls are left on the field. Black Hole deals damage during casting process.

Passive 2
Increase x% Dark elemental attack when Dark elemental skills hit enemies, duration x sec.

Passive 3
When Charged Missiles hit, the CD of Gravity Ball and Triple Orbs are recovered.

Passive 4
The casting speed of Teleport is increased; Teleport can deal damage. When Teleport hit enemies, reset its CD. Gravity Switch EX can be cast instantly.

INT + x%; strengthen Gravity Switch; deal additional damage to enemies’ which are immune to the effect of Gravity Switch

Smasher Skill Awakening

Laser Ray
Charged up laser in your hand and deal continuous damage to enemies in front. Gain x [Bubble] when Laser Beam hits enemies. Can be cast when you have accumulated x [ Bubble ]. Consume [Bubble ] every x sec.

Energy Blast
Focus laser beam to generate explosion and evade backwards. Can be cast when you have accumulated x [ Bubble ]. Consume x [ Bubble ]

Passive 1
Distort the time in the AOE. Increase CD recovery speed of party members by x%; duration x sec.

Passive 2
CD of Beyond Time is reduced significantly.

Passive 3
Eraser will still deal damage even when other skills are used during channeling.

Passive 4
Gain x [Bubble] when Force Mirror hits enemies

Passive 5
Remove the CD of Laser Cutter. Can be cast by consuming [Bubble]

Smasher’s active skill CD recovery is increased; INT + x%

Skill Names & Icons (unsorted)

Focus Gravity
Teleport EX
Time Stop EX
Gravity Switch EX – Transient
Angry Bird 😀
Meteor Call
Strengthened Meteor
Strengthened Fire Ball
Strengthened Summon Comet
Laser Ray
Energy Blast
Glacial Field
Ice Cyclone
Flame Burst
[ Awakened ] Beyond Time
[ Awakened ] Eraser
[ Awakened ] Force Mirror
[ Awakened ] Laser Cutter
[ Awakened ] Ignite
[ Awakened ] Fire Wall
[ Awakened ] Fever Mastery
[ Awakened ] Flame Mastery
[ Awakened ] Gravity Mastery
[ Awakened ] Teleport
[ Awakened ] Charged Missile
[ Awakened ] Gravity Controller
[ Awakened ]  Shatter
[ Awakened ] Ice Sphere
[ Awakened ] Frostbite Mastery
[ Awakened ] Icy Shards

Older Information

When asked about the development of new skills, the developer mentioned that due to the large number of classes in Dragon Nest, it is very ‘costly’ to develop new skills.

Instead, a new Skill Awakening system will be introduced in the future. The system is still under development in Korea

Skill awakening will provide various active and passive skills, which define the new combat style for all classes. New skill names and skill icons have been found in the latest Dragon Nest CN client.

There seems to be a new item which has the description “a book which records the method to use the awakened power of hidden heroes”.

A few active & passive skill names related to Skill Awakening mode are listed below:

Awakening Mastery (A)
Awakening Mastery (B)
Swordsman of Infinity
Stance of Swordsman
Punishment of Swordsman
Awakening Mastery I
Awakening Mastery II
Demolition Axe
Side Step
Impact of Swordsman
Hammer of Swordsman
Sword of Bravery

Ire Piku has extracted and mod the latest skills found from Dragon Nest KR client.

Warrior’s Skill Awakening is shown in the video below

New skills of archers have been found as well (see video below)

Text description of new skills for other classes have been found in the client too (see video below)

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