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Overwatch Best Hero Tier List

Tier 1: Heroes to use in every match

These heroes are picked almost 95 percent of the time. Keep at least a couple of these on your team and you’re off to a very strong start.

Lucio – support

Lucio is borderline OP. Lucio is fantastic. Get a Lucio on your team. Got the message?

Lucio has a great speed boost to start any match and area-of-effect healing for when you’re in the thick of it, where he can also pump out a decent amount of damage. Lucio is hands down the best support hero.

Genji – offense

Genji is almost as overpowered as Lucio. Not only is he fast, but his Swift Strike attack resets if he kills, meaning he can dash from one victim to another, chaining death. He’s the best hero to outflank the enemy, his Shuriken deal decent damage and his Deflect turns your own weapons against you. And then there’s the Dragonblade Ultimate Ability…

Winston – tank

Winston dominates up close because his Tesla Cannon arcs towards enemies (more than one at once) and so doesn’t need to be aimed accurately. With his jump pack he’s the most mobile tank, and when he does need to stand his ground his barrier projector is a bubble of strength.

Tier 2: Team players

These heroes all work well as proper team-players. Group them up with at least one other player and keep them close and safe at all times – the best way to play Overwatch.

Reinhardt – tank

Stand behind Reinhardt’s large shield as he advances and you’ll feel the benefits of playing as a tank regardless of class. He’s slow but threatening, as heroes with better-ranged attacks huddle behind him and push towards objectives. Reinhardt is great for learning and trying out team tactics.

D.Va – tank

The cannons, boosters and defense matrix make D.Va intimidating to enemies, as she launches at targets and corners them for a bullying finish. But it’s the self-destruct Ultimate Ability that will nail multiple targets if timed right – or make them run from their positions in panic – both of which are popular tactics on any map.

Mercy – support

Mercy is the most popular and effective healer. Get behind another player and she can alternate between buffing and healing, keeping teammates alive and deadly. Her Resurrect Ultimate Ability isn’t as powerful as it used to be, but she should be protected at all times, regardless.

Symmetra – support

Get that Teleporter in position as quickly as possible and everyone on the team benefits. Symmetra is a good team member who can be replaced later, once the Ultimate Ability has been put to good use. That said, her turret, shield and photon projector are all handy tools on the battlefield.

Widowmaker – defence

The best sniper in the game can be taken out easily is she’s not paired with someone like Bastion for protection. Widowmaker can be deadly, but she almost always needs a buddy as back up.

Zarya – tank

Zarya seems to be a good tank often overlooked in favour of Reinhardt or Winston. She’s able to increase her damage by absorbing damage through her Particle and Projected Barriers. Team with a second player and put that to devastating effect.

Tier 3: Good all-rounders

These heroes are good at a bit of everything, but may not have essential team talents. If you’re playing with randoms or you want a little more independence on the map, you can chose one of these and expect them to take care of themselves.

Tracer – offense

Tracer can zip about the map and cause a lot of headaches because she’s difficult to pin down. Although she’s relatively weak, she rockets around the place and is usually first on the scene to secure an objective/control point. Being the poster girl on the box, she also gets picked a lot by newcomers looking to find out what Overwatch is all about so expect to see her in every match.

Bastion – defense

Bastion’s strength is in hiding and killing multiple enemies before they know he’s there. Or sit him on a payload as a mobile turret. He’s easy to bump off then, but worth protecting for his rapid fire turret. Just keep him moving between the kills as he’s an easy target.

Pharah – offense

Pharah is rightly popular. She’s a death-from-the-skies kinda gal, and her maneuverability makes her a fun hero to play. A true all-rounder.

McCree – offense

McCree runs hot and cold. He’s slow, and his evasive move doesn’t move him that far, so isn’t a lot of use against area of effect damage. His 6-shot pistol is great when it hits, but if it doesn’t he’s shit outta luck. To be good with McCree takes more practise than you first realise, and he’s fallen out of favour even if he is the coolest looking gunslinger in town.

Reaper – offense

He’s a short range ambush hero, who gets in kills and then buggers off before anyone has the chance to catch him. A more confident Reaper player uses Death Blossom to take out multiple enemies for more hit and run tactics.

Soldier 76 – offense

He’s the easiest to get to grips with, which means if a random on your team is playing Soldier 76 he/she is probably new to the game. That’s not a bad thing, but there are more interesting heroes to master. Soldier 76 moves quickly when you need to traverse the map and is handy in a firefight.

Tier 4: Difficult to use, but devastatingly specific

These heroes need a lot more mastery than most. They can be clumsy in the wrong hands, but absolutely game-changing with a skilled player.

Zenyatta – support

His orbs benefit teammates regardless of where he is on the map because he isn’t restricted by line-of-sight. The only way to stop his Orb buffing/nerfing is to kill him. But he’s right down on the list because he’s difficult to play, and weak when it comes to health points and movement.

Roadhog – tank

Roadhog really only does one thing well. Using the hook and shotgun combo to grab an opponent works great, but miss and you’re just a slow fat man trying to defend yourself.

Torbjorn – offense

Don’t put Torbjorn in the thick of the battle, he’s mainly there to build and repair his own turrets. They can be an absolute nuisance for the enemy, especially when placed in choke points. Before you start playing as Torbjorn though, get to know the maps like the back of your hand.

Hanzo – defense

A kind of stealth hero, Hanzo is decent for sneak attacks as he can see through objects and pick off enemies at range.

Tier 5: In need of buffing

These two heroes look like they might be fun but you need a lot of patience to learn them. And even then, will they really be able to help turn the tide of a match?

Junkrat – defense

Unpredictable by design, Junkrat’s main attacks are okay and useful for flushing people out of tight surroundings where he can bounce explosives at unsuspecting enemies. But he never deals massive damage unless his Ultimate is active, and it can feel like a slog building that up.

Mei – defense

Dear Blizzard, please do something to make Mei more exciting and/or useful. She deals low damage and needs to be at close range. It’s only her Ice Wall that has it’s uses, and even then it’s not much of a problem to get around.

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