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Massive Announced That Sentry's Call Set Will Be Changing

If you've watched the Twitch stream by community manager Hamish a few hours ago, then you already heard the news that the Sentry's Call gear set will change. But for those who haven't, then let us tell you about it.

As you may already know, the talent of this set which increases your damage after a headshot by 15% for 10 seconds and up to three times each is said to bug. Agents have discovered that this talent is not being reset upon death, so the stacked bonus damage indicator remains regardless if the gear owner or enemy players die. Currently, the only way to remove the mark is to completely log out of the game. This gives a massive and unfair advantage to players using the Sentry’s Call gear set as they can score huge amounts of damage on any player with the marks on them over and over again.

Now, Massive has seen this and they are considering it as unbalance and, they have announced that there will be an upcoming change for the Sentry's Call set gear. Although it's unclear how it will change but from Hamish said on the stream that the changes make sense and will make the set work more how they meant it too. It's being balanced. And when it means by being balance, it basically means it's getting nerfed!

Why we say it's getting nerf? Of course! As you can see when a player build his character using Sentry's Call, definitely it's an overpowered build and one way of balancing it is to nerf it. Although there has been no exact announcement on how they'll do that but we can safely assume that missed shots will reduce like on strikers set. Yeah we feel those players who min maxed out their sentry set! Now it will change, it's back to the drawing board again to find a good build. 

No announcement yet when will this change come out but be sure that we will keep you posted.

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Source: Twitch