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How to Solo Falcon Lost Challenging Mode Without Cheating in The Division

You think soloing Falcon Lost in challenging mode without using any glitch or cheating is impossible? Think again!

Youtuber Andrei Koto will show you below that the impossible mission will be possible in a legit way!

So what's the strategy?

The idea behind doing damage in challenge mode is getting your electronics to the level where pulse crit chance is capped at 40% and it's duration = cooldown and still having 4 setry pieces bonus. In my case it is 40k electronics. Tanking in challenge mode is not impossible with Smart cover which is very close to cap (75% damage reduction 50% damage bonus). As you might have already guessed, we will use pulse, smart cover and survival link for skills. You will, however, need a weapon with Self-Preserved talent, your only "healing" ability. I'm using Tactical ACR with Self-preserved and Determined (the recepe is still available in DZ02).

How about the build?

Sentry's Call gloves: 191 GS, 334 Armor, 34% Crit Hit Damage, 11% Damage to Elites, 6% Crit Hit Chance, 9% Pulse critical hit damage

Sentry's Call holster: 214 GS, 388 Armor, 8.5% Pulse critical hit damage, Mod Slot

Sentry's Call knee pads: 214 GS, 9% Exotic Damage Resilience, 24% Burn Resistance, 22% Shock Resistance, 120% Bleed Resistance, 2.5% Smart Cover damage resilience, Mod Slot

Sentry's Call mask: 214 GS, 4430 Skill Power, 6% Enemy armor damage, 2.5% pulse Critical Hit Damage, Mod Slot

Tactican's Authority pack: 5700 Skill Power, 44% Ammo Capacity, 2.5% Smart Cover damage resilience, 8.5% Turret Damage, Mod Slot

Tactican's Authority vest: 240 GS, 1507 Armor, +669 Armor, 14 Exotic Damage resilience, 46% Ammo Capacity, 8% Pulse Duration, Mod Slot.

Fill your armor slots with electronics mods until you have 40-41k-ish skill power (make sure mask and backpack have SP on them) and the rest goes into stamina. Forget firearms, since DPS means absolutely nothing in this game -- most of your damage will come from smart cover+pulse buffs.

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