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How to Finish Clear Sky Incursion in Under 10-15 Minutes in Tom Clancy's: The Division

Here are some useful tips on how to finish the Clear Sky Incursion in The Division in under 10 minutes.

Player Builds
  • Three High DPS Agents (Whatever skills they prefer)
  • One high Toughness and High Skillpower Agent (Tank) (Overheal Med is a must!)
  • All with Survivor Link
First Encounter
  • Once you get to the area that triggers the enemies to spawn, after killing a few, the bomb carrier should spawn. Quickly kill him, get your tank to grab the pack and plant it, while the remaining DPS kill the enemies.
  • Two heavies should spawn, quickly dispatch them, then the next bomb carrier should spawn.
  • Kill him, have your tank plant, and clean up the garbage.
The Actual Circle!
  • Once into the circle, don't aggro, use cover to have your tank move up and use the laptop, while the three DPS hang back by the blue building right after the truck drop off.
  • Once the laptop is used(or your tank is spotted), the encounter will begin. The Tank should run back to the rest of the group, and do what they can to heal the group as they start laying into the enemies.
  • After a short time, the enemies should all be on the left side of the circle, engaging your group. When this happens, the Tank should run over to the fuse on the right, pick it up, and plant it. The trick to this, is to pop your overheal as you're approaching, when you lose the overheal, use your super. Then continue to use your overheal as you take damage. You shouldn't have any problem planting the fuse. If you don't take enough damage to warrant the use of your super, don't use it.
  • Once that fuse is planted, have the DPS join your tank on the right side of the circle, and repeat this tactic, but mirrored.
  • When going to get the fuse, have one DPS be close enough to you to use their super in case you need it to plant the second fuse.
  • Once that is done, quickly use the laptop again, which will spawn the boss, and run to the back of the map.
Boss battle
  • Once the boss spawns, he'll hang out below the downed chopper, while all the enemies run towards you.
  • Situate yourselves in a good spot at the back, my groups prefer the blue building again, because of the high cover.
  • The boss should start running towards you, if not, hit him to get him to move.
  • Once he gets close enough to you, use Explosive rounds and pop what should be one of two remaining Survivor Links.
  • Start laying into him with everything you've got. And he should be down in no time. If not, pop a second Survivor Link if needed.
Congrats, you win!

A few tips additional tips...
  • The tank can use a shock turret if enemies are getting too close while they're running.
  • While in DPS stages, if the tank uses Pulse, it can really help with damage.
  • If DPS agents want to be more helpful to the tank, flash stickies, gas seekers, and other CC abilities go a long way to reduce incoming damage to the tank while running.
  • The biggest threats are the heavies and the shotgunners. Snipers aren't too much of a problem, but anything that will rush you can prove problematic.
  • The 3 DPS agents should spread out a bit, so Mortar shells never hit all of them at once.
  • My DPS character has very high toughness as well, I would run as an escort for my tank, to help draw fire. His heals would reach me, and I could dispatch of anyone who got anywhere near him.
  • If you get downed, try to crawl to a place that has good cover. It's near impossible to revive someone out in the open. You will be constantly getting shot, and the mortars WILL find you!
There may be many ways to do this Incursion, and as time passes, I'm sure more will come out. I just find this to be the easiest method so far. 

One final tip. If you feel like you're going to die in the beginning of a fuse run, you may as well wipe, because its much easier to correct a wrong step by starting again, if its too hard to revive downed agents. It's a fairly generous checkpoint!

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