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Here's Some Tips on How to Deal With Bastion in Overwatch

One thing that I've learned in the latest Overwatch open beta is that there's one dude in the rooster that seems to be OP at some point!

Bastion, the robot that seems to pick off all enemies when he transform into a rapid-fire turret, and definitely will make it impossible for you to reach that control point or payload you're after. Moreover, he can also morph into a powerful tank to wipe out your entire team while on the move. You can see below how he can be so OP:

So is there no other way to counter Bastion? If there no way then would you agree just to remove him on the game entirely? Nah! To be honest, I don't find Bastion to be OP. There are ways to counter him and while playing against him, with him or him for a couple of times now from CBT to OBT, I really think that Bastion is not an OP hero in Overwatch.

In fact Blizzard has suggest that to counter Bastion, you should use heroes like Hanzo, Genji or Widowmaker.

If you're not satisfied with that suggestion though, we have an in-depth recommendation on how to stop Bastion. Below are the heroes which are considered effective counters for Bastion and of course, some tips on how to counter Bastion using these heroes.

Tracer:  Bastion's biggest counters are the offensive heroes, especially the ones that are able to move around the map quickly and unnoticed.  Tracer excels in this area very well, she can Blink around very fast to get around Bastion to flank him.  Her abilities allow her to zip right to a Bastion and throw a Pulse Bomb (Tracer's ultimate), and then Recall out of there to save her.  Very powerful and there isn't anything Bastion can do about it.

As Bastion just make sure you keep a good distance and try to stick with your team so they have your back against any offensive heroes, especially Tracer.  If she comes close to you, quickly try to turn around at her and aim for the head, you might just be able to take her out if you land enough shots on her.  As she is harassing you, keep relocating to different spots so she will have a hard time tracking you down.

Also planting yourself up against a wall so enemies cannot shoot your rear is a very powerful strategy against offensive flankers such as Tracer.

Reaper:  Reaper is one of Bastion's worst nightmares.  Reaper's flanking abilities work great for ambushing Bastion from behind.  His Wraith Form and Shadow Step abilities enable him to get behind Bastion (usually unnoticed) to flank you.

As Bastion, you and your team need to be very aware of where the enemy is at, and if any of them are working their way up to flank you, in which you need to take action by relocating elsewhere or having some of your teammates protect you.  If you see a Reaper approaching you using Wraith Form, keep your crosshair on his head and get ready to dish out damage at him, you just might be able to take him out.  The idea is to fire at him before he can get his shots off in time.  Listen for his footsteps and watch out for him approaching you from behind.

Symmetra:  Symmetra is a threat to Bastion, but unlike Tracer and Reaper, Symmetra's threat comes not from her mobility, but from her alternate weapon fire (charged photon orbs).  Symmetra's Photon orbs act similar to Reinhardt's Fire Strike, in which it can strike through any enemy in its path until it hits a wall.  Usually photon orbs are easy to avoid since they fire so slowly, but since a Bastion Sentry is stationary, it can be much harder to avoid.  If you see a photon orb flying your direction you do have the option to lift up and relocate elsewhere constantly or keep healing, but this can keep you out of the fight often.

Setting a Sentry on top of a Payload can make it harder for Symmetra to fire her photon orbs since you will be a moving target that will be harder for her to aim at.

Another advantage that Symettra has is her Teleporter is virtually safe from Bastions, giving her one less enemy to worry about hunting down her Teleporter.

As Bastion, if you see a Symmetra on the battlefield, focus on killing her as quick as you can.  If you find yourself dying to her orbs frequently then it might be a good time to switch heroes.

Genji:  Genji can do some serious damage to you from long range with his shurikens, since it will be easy to aim at stationary targets.  You will need to respond quickly to this and fire at him or consider uplifting and relocate elsewhere.

Genji's parkour abilities are just as good as Tracer (if not better in certain situations), as they are good enough to get behind a Bastion to flank him.  He can use wall climb, Swift Strike and Deflect to get close to a Bastion Sentry.  A properly executed Swift Strike can be devastating to you, as it will be hard for you to find out where he is exactly after swift striking.  You will need to turn around and start firing at him.  But be careful as he can turn on Deflect to ricochet your bullets right back at you.  Try your best not to fire at him when he has Deflect on.  At this point Genji can then turn on his ultimate (Dragonblade) to finish you off along with any others in the area.

I want to stress again how important it is to be careful around a Genji, as his Deflect ability can easily decimate a Bastion Sentry in a fraction of a second.  You must be very cautious around Genji and always expect him to use a Deflect on you, always get ready to take your finger off of the trigger!
Thanks to Genji's wall climb and Swift Strikes, he is also a good counter for an elevated Bastion due to Mei's Ice Wall boost.

Be careful using your Tank Form ultimate around a Genji, because he can use Deflect on one of your cannon balls to fire it right back at you to possibly kill you in one hit.

Winston:  Even though Winston is rated as a tank, he has some very interesting offensive abilities that work well against Bastion Sentries.  Winston can use his Jump Pack ability to quickly propel himself right up close to a Bastion Sentry and then put down a barrier to block your shots, he can then finish you off either with his Telsa Cannon or ultimate Primal Rage.

As Bastion, if you see a Winston leaping at you, try your best to focus fire on him as fast as possible, you may be able to either finish him off or do some serious damage before he gets to you.  If Winston's barrier is blocking your shots, you are better off just uplifting and relocating else where. The best way to deal with a leaping Winston is to simply make sure your team has you covered.  If Winston can't use his ultimate after he leaps he will be much easier to deal with.

Winston can also protect his team from Bastion Sentries with Barrier Shields and allow them to push faster and get closer easier, overall giving you a much harder time.

Remember though, Bastion can tear through Winston's Barrier in only a few seconds, so if you see his Barrier doing a lot of good for his team, consider taking it out quickly to allow your team to dish out damage properly.

Junkrat:  The reason why Junkrat is a good counter to Bastion is because of his Frag Launcher weapon.  The grenades from Junkrat's Frag Launcher can travel decent distances and bounce around walls or corners eventually ricocheting to a Bastion Sentry while Junkrat can fire them usually out of Bastion's line of sight.

Junkrat's ultimate Rip-Tire happens to be somewhat effective against Bastions.  These tires can climb walls and possibly flank a Bastion Sentry from behind.  As Bastion, if you see Junkrat's Rip-Tire within view, kill it immediately so it will protect you and your whole team by preventing the explosion.

Luckily Bastion doesn't usually need to worry about Junkrat's Mines and Traps since he moves slow approaching them and is in Sentry Mode most of the time anyway.

Hanzo:  All of Hanzo's Storm Bow shots can be devastating to a Bastion Sentry as he can fire them from long distances and since a Bastion Sentry is stationary, it will be very easy for Hanzo to aim and fire at you dealing a lot of damage in return.

Hanzo can fire a Sonic Arrow on you which will stick to you and follow you even if you relocate elsewhere, which will make it easier for Hanzo and his team to know where you are at.  Sonic Arrows will also do damage like a normal arrow as well.  Hanzo's Scatter Arrow shot at the ground in front of you will deal a large amount of damage to you too.

As Bastion, dealing with Hanzo can be annoying since he is usually very far away.  Use pulse shots (rapidly pressing the fire button) to increase your accuracy from longer ranges to deal more damage to him.

Hanzo's ultimate Dragonstrike is very powerful against Bastion.  Dragonstrike travels across the entire map (even through walls) and does insane DPS to anything in its path.  This can either kill a Bastion Sentry or force one to move around to avoid it, thus giving Hanzo's team an easier time to push forward.

Widowmaker:  Like with Hanzo, sniper shots from Widowmaker can be devastating to you while in Sentry Form.  Due to a Bastion Sentry's stationary nature, Widowmaker can easily aim and fire at you from very long ranges and do a lot of damage with her sniper shots.  As Bastion it can be difficult to do damage to enemies at longer ranges.  You will need to do pulse shots (rapidly tapping the fire button) to increase your accuracy from longer ranges against Widowmaker and her small hitbox.

You will also need to keep an eye out on her and see where she grapples to as she moves around the map.  Focus on her before others as she is generally a bigger threat to you.

Sometimes when dealing with a Widowmaker the best thing you can do is to position yourself so you are out of her line of sight, by usually going back further from your team and changing the angle you face from the main choke point.

You generally don't need to worry about a Widowmaker flanking you from behind, although it can happen.  Widowmaker can use her Grappling Hook to move around the map possibly getting behind you.  Although I think Widowmaker is usually better off keeping a distance from you and sniping from afar.

Widowmaker's ultimate (Infra-Sight) can be slightly effective against Bastions as it will reveal your camping spot to her whole team, making you more vulnerable overall.

Widowmaker can throw Venom Mines, but Bastions rarely need to worry about that, although I have seen some good Widowmaker players lob a Venom Mine at me and literally took me out with it.  So if aimed properly, Venom Mines can be deadly to Bastions, but I have rarely seen this.

Mei:  Mei's Ice Wall acts as a powerful shield against a Bastion's Gatlin gun, enabling her team to push forward more easily.  Other than her Ice Wall there's not a whole lot else she can do against Bastion.  Although Mei's long range Icicle shots can do some decent damage to you, it's generally not enough to take out a Bastion Sentry.  Mei can attempt to flank Bastion with proper uses of Ice walls and Cry-Freezes, but she will most likely be noticed too quickly by you and your teammates for her to get close enough to you.  Mei is more of a support for the other offensive heroes to get to Bastion easier.

Mei's ultimate Blizzard is only somewhat effective against Bastion Sentries, since the slowing effect of Blizzard has no use against a stationary Bastion Sentry anyways.  You might just get frozen for a short period of time.

Mei is a good counter to Bastion's Tank ultimate, since she can just throw up an Ice Wall to block Bastion's tank shots.  Mei's Blizzard is also very effective against Tank form.

D.va:  D.va has some powerful abilities that work great against Bastion Sentries.  She can get close to you with her Booster ability and when combined with her Defense Matrix ability she can also block your shots as she is flying up toward you.  Up close and D.va can do some serious damage with her Fusion Cannons.  She then has the possibly to kill you, and she can then simply boost back out to safety.  As Bastion, just try to keep your crosshair on D.va's head inside the mech to try and take her out first.  Having backup from your allies really comes in handy against this combo that D.va can do to you.

D.va can also use her ultimate (Self-Destruct) by literally launching her Self-Destructing mech toward you while in sentry form, forcing you to uplift and take cover from the explosion.
D.va's Defense Matrix ability blocks all incoming Bastion shots, including Bastion's Tank form, enabling her team to push forward more easily.  but, D.va without her mech is practically a sitting duck to Bastion.

Zenyatta:  Zenyatta can be very deadly to a Bastion Sentry.  Even though Zenyatta will drop like a fly to your gatling gun while in Sentry Form, he can catch you off guard and take you out with his deadly orbs.  He can throw an Orb of Discord on you which will amplify all damage done to you by 50%.  He can then use his energy orbs to do a lot of damage to you, especially his charged volley shot.  Normally Zenyatta's charged volley shots can be very hard to aim, but since a Bastion Sentry is stationary it will be very easy to aim his charged volley shots at you.

Discord Orb is deadly against Bastion.  The only thing Bastion can really do against it, is to find a really safe spot to use Sentry at and he would have to use Self-Repair more to heal up the extra damage done by the Orb.

Zenyatta can put his Orb of Harmony on an offensive ally to help them get around and behind you to take you out easier, or he can use his harmony orb to heal up damage that you did to his allies.
Bastion has little to worry about with Zenyatta's ultimate Transcendence, as he can still tear through enemies while they are under it. 

So that's all of it guys! Now that you know some effective counters for Bastion, you're now ready to kick his ass on May 24th!

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