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Here's a Handy End-Game Weapon DPS Calculator in The Division

So if you're not a fan of following guides or stuff in the internet on how to increase the damage per second (DPS) of your character in The Division, then why not do it yourself and use this DPS calculator as a reference?

Redditor Perform71 had spent some time on creating what he claims to be the ultimate end-game DPS Weapon comparison sheet and from how it looks like, well I can say that it's pretty ellaborate and consice. 

What this sheet gives you is the ability to determine which weapon will give you the most DPS. In addition, it also has a feature on the weapon talent to allow a final comparison between the two weapons. For example, you would rather equip a 200k DPS gun with Destructive than a 208k DPS weapon without destructive. Also, this sheet will give you both the PvE and PvP damage of the two weapons so you can determine what to use when going on DZ or campaign/raid. A screenshot of the DPS weapon sheet is shown below:

click to enlarge
So I think I have said all the information you need to know about this weapon dps calculator. Now, you can use this by going to this link and downloading the entire file from the Google Drive link to avoid any text scaling that Google does, also the drop down boxes only work in Excel. If you don't have Excel you can physically type "YES" or "NO" in the fields that require them and the calculations will still be done correctly.

So that's it guys! Hope this will help you.

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Credits: Special thanks to Perform71 for creating this sheet.