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Fallout 4: Far Harbor The Islander's Almanac Achievement Guide

Here's a guide on how to unlock the achievement "The Islander's Almanac" in the Far Harbor DLC.

In the Far Harbor DLC there are 5 collectible books called Islander's Alamanac. They each give a unique perk and if you collect them all it will unlock an achievement.

For the PC version of the game, if you want to use the console commands to instantly get the almanacs use one of these commands:

player.placeatme [item id] 1


player.additem [item id] 1

The first one drops the item right where your player is and the second one directly adds the item to your inventory. The item ID's are listed for each almanac

Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide

Location: Far Harbor - The Last Plank
Item ID: 0304EF8F

The first Almanac can be found in the Far Harbor starting area in The Last Plank bar. As soon as you enter go straight and it is sitting on the last table to the right.

Children of Atmon Expose

Location: Acadia
Item ID: 0304EF92

Once you enter Acadia from the main entrance go down one flight of stars and it is sitting on the counter

Recipe Roundup

Location: National Park Visitor's Center
Item ID: 0304EF94

Make your way to the National Park Visitor's Center and walk into the main building. It is sitting on bar table to the right.

Precision Hunting

Location: Brooke's Head Lighthouse
Item ID: 0304EF8D

At the very top of the Brooke's Head Lighthouse, you will find Dougles. Sitting on top of the dresser next to where you fight him is where this almanac is.

Pincer Dodge

Location: Northwood Ridge Quarry
Item ID: 0304EF8B

Enter the quarry through the door and fight past the trappers. It's sitting on a table and the end of the cave.

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